5 Main Conclusions We Made From Developer Survey 2019 by Stack Overflow

May 17th, 2019

Catching up with the latest software development industry trends, the KitRUM team immersed quite deeply in the results of the recent Developer Survey 2019, which has been carried out by Stack Overflow, a top discussion platform for programmers.

Nearly 100,000 respondents from around the globe got involved this year, making it the world’s most extensive developer survey. In this article, we would like to share some thoughts and conclusions we’ve made from the Survey regarding global developer hiring landscape of nowadays.

Conclusion #1: Self education

Developers are lifetime “students”— 87% of all engineers say they taught themselves a new language, a framework, or a tool outside of their formal education. Real go-getters!


Many of KitRUM’s dev guys are familiar with self-education! Self-directed education is the standard among engineers; so if businesses concentrate on hiring based on skills instead of a degree or GPA, a large pool of ignored talent opens up.

The software engineering world runs at a rapid speed. And while colleges and schools are still teaching stack like Java and PHP, many companies have jumped on to languages like Go, Python, and Scala.

Conclusion #2: Compensation and benefits are the most crucial things in a new job

This point has to be pretty interesting for all kinds of recruiters. If you’ve ever asked: what is the perfect bait for software developers?

The higher priority for engineers who are searching for work is Compensation and Benefits. However for a coding women office environment and company culture the important part of the work process. Meanwhile, for men – Compensation, languages, and framework are key

However, the hands-on experience of our friends at Online Rewards employee recognition software company proves that company culture is as important as salary. Present-day trends prove that the tournament for talent is only going to get harder. In this presentation we’ll tell you about how to get the most of your reward and recognition program:
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Nevertheless, the range of software development has typically brought somebody with a passion for technology and excellent problem-solving skills, exactly because it was supposed to be a job choice where people were ready to make a great living while practicing something they love. When Stack Overflow requested engineers to explain what they generally need to find in an email from an organization about a planned work, the top decisions are explicit insights concerning technologies, languages at the chosen form of employment, and a salary or compensation estimate.


Conclusion #3: If it’s all about salary, then what’s the salary? ?

The most intriguing part of the analysis is the range of salaries:


Normally engineers with more experience are paid more—yet we still observe that certain development work is more highly paid at a similar level of experience. Data Scientists and DevOps Specialists are high-priced for their years of experience.

Conclusion #4. Trending technologies and databases



So nothing has changed from the previous year. Still, JavaScript the King of the Hill, and old languages vaguely remembered and functionally abandoned. But what’s also interesting: Python is the most valued language for the second year straight, implying that the language engineers who don’t yet utilize it frequently state they need to learn.


The most commonly used – SQL, MySQL. But the most loved – Reddis. I think it’s hard to use something that you don’t love ?


Conclusion #5. Artificial Intelligence

An incredibly popular topic to discuss. All around the globe people started caring about involving  AI in every little thing.

Engineers are, for the most part, idealistic about the conceivable outcomes that AI offers to humanity, with nearly three-quarters of respondents saying that they are generally more energized than worried over the Artificial Intelligence future.

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