7 tech trends that can deliver real opportunities for success in 2020

February 5th, 2020

We described tech trends that could possibly transform the world in the coming years. 

We reside in an era where the evolution of the IT industry has been emerging all over the world, influencing our lives and businesses. Businesses that have not compelled themselves to the exponential rate of technology trends have witnessed a set back by being left behind. 

Even so, not every new technology offered by the market can help your company to grasp new opportunities. Some of them may seem impressive but serve the needs of too narrow demographic, or simply artificially inflated.

That’s why we decided to create an article dedicated to the “trendy” technologies that the members of our teams all over the world find very promising.


The growth of technology has been highlighting the emergent growth of artificial intelligence, with a beneficial rate on the business economy. Chatbots today can tackle the queries and requests of customers more efficiently than ever before. The ability of chatbots to communicate via textual or auditory methods allows them to be fairly decent conversational partners.

They can successfully handle a significant number of customer service tasks. They self-improve over time through machine learning algorithms and respond to customer requests with growing efficiency. Smart use of this technology is clearly beneficial both for businesses and consumers.



The most transformative development that technology has made in the last decade is the uprising technology trend of artificial intelligence (AI).  There are huge expectations towards the development of a SaaS business model with AI services, as it would enable access to AI technologies for more companies due to a lower price tag. Some AI provider platforms move towards providing services of this type. For example, large companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft now offer machine-learning solutions and training materials.

Further development of IoT 

The system which comprises IoT is an interrelationship of devices, objects, digital machines, and people into a specific network. We expect an immense development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2020, as businesses have been benefiting themselves with this technology to gather and use data effectively for their businesses. IDC predicts the transitioning from cloud-based IoT deployments to edge computing that is expected to improve the performance of applications and enhance the growth of IoT ecosystems.

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Prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive analytics falls under the technology of data analytics, which has a keen focus on descriptive and predictive applications. It will allow the data to be processed in such a way that future events/behaviors can be foreseen more efficiently, resulting in better planning. Several industries have grasped prescriptive analytics, such as the oil and gas industries. 

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps will be taking over the apps downloaded from iCloud or app store. It is likely to believe that in 2020, businesses would opt for progressive web apps as they are deliberately cost-effective and efficient for the people involved in the business since the core purpose of progressive web apps is to deliver a realistic approach to the consumers and owners where they can save their time and effort.

Share of E-commerce continues to grow 

E-commerce has been one of the trending forms of technology that has managed to hit off the records. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the growth rate of E-commerce will suppress a score of $4.5 trillion. Company owners are now investing their money in online stores rather than operating for storefronts. The demand for online shopping has been growing at a rapid pace over the past decade and continues to grow in 2020.

Usage of Agile methodology besides software development

Today, many companies have been adopting the agile methodology to transform their end product according to the latest requirements from the consumers’ side. The concept of agile methodology went through a lot of changes throughout the history of the software development industry, and now there are numerous ideas on how to use it for other spheres, because of its numerous advantages. Agile methodology concentrates on tailor-made excellence and performance, personal empowerment and solution-oriented collaboration of all team members.


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As these technology trends are continuously in evolution, they promise to deliver real opportunities for success in 2020. Do not miss out on the important trends that can imply a drastic change in the field of technology. We focus on the tech trends that hold the power to increase the success rate of your business.

Our 2020 update

We’ve opened a new office in Mexico City. There are a 200 square meter office space and a team of 5 project managers and software architects currently working there. We plan to hire around 10 new software developers in the near future. Our Mexico’s team will be involved in software development outsourcing services for clients located in the Southern part of the United States, as most of our clients are located in Florida and California.

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