Where to go when you’ve decided to send out some gifts?

Being an angry guy can come with some baggage. One might come across as being all sorts of alpha male-ish, but no one wants to live next to the type of guy who can fly off the handle the moment he mows slightly into his lawn. I can’t tell you how many swear words I’ve invented at the golf course.

So I took up yoga, and got kicked out of yoga class because, well, yoga pants on a dude isn’t all that flattering as it would turn out. Exercise and weightlifting has done pretty well. I must say so has sitting in sauna and cooking my brains. Slow roasted amygdala and amped endorphins has turned me into a cheerful guy.

So in an effort to make amends to all the poor souls who have born the brunt of my temper, I decided to send out some gifts. Luckily I knew where to turn. Our next client is the leading online community for gift-giving, wish lists, and secret Santa gift exchanges. Getting those apology gifts to the right people has never been easier.

Our team has been working on the UI of the platform and social networks integration.

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