Automated check-in system

October 31st, 2019

Half a year ago, I found myself in a hotel room in Poland getting ready to catch a flight back to the US. It had been a busy and exciting weekend, but I was definitely ready to get back home. As always, I checked-in to my flight online and had allocated some time to enjoy a great breakfast. After I finished eating, I verified my boarding time. And, oh boy, my flight was leaving in 30 min! Not wanting to miss my flight, I caught a ride, my screaming followed by laughter the entire way.

Thinking I didn’t need to register, I ran faster than The Flash to the nearest security post, seemingly ready to get on the plane. I passed the check-in desk and suddenly the security guard caught up to me.

“Where is your check-in doc?”
“I did it online,” I answer quickly.
“You have to have an online doc with a barcode.”
And here we go. It was a fiasco. I didn’t have the document, not remembering the option to save it from the online form.

From this story, I found one purpose: to create an appropriate and working engine for flight check-in. We already had one potential partner who had created an automated flight check-in service. I contacted them and we arranged a quick call. They needed a team of React Native and Python devs, which I thought would be pretty difficult to allocate and combine. But we did it. 

Our team helped the client to build an API as a single interface for all its services. Also, our team created a ready-to-go white-label user interface. Then step-by-step we created services that covered a widespread list of flight shopping, including extra luggage fees, luggage monitoring, seat updates, high-speed routes, and pre-ordering meal and internet connections. The app can be utilized with about 150 airlines involving these key alliances. The app also operates with discount carriers like EasyJet, etc. 

Our client’s app has already attracted 60,000 users and achieved around €1 million in transactions this year. We are proud to be part of such a useful and valuable service, especially after I went through such a life story. 

If you operate in the aviation industry or have an idea to build a worthwhile application that helps to make people’s lives easier, feel free to contact us. We have 250 developers who cover most modern business and technology domains. I’m know that we can find a great fit for you. 

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