Top Free and Open Source BIM Software Solutions

April 10th, 2019

Need to impress your parents ahead of summer break? Here’s everything you need to know about Business Information Modeling. This will keep them off your back for another year at college.

What is BIM?

When people hear the term BIM, naturally they think about BMI, which implies a common weight problem. In this case, we’re talking about Building Information Modeling. More government institutions are requesting BIM software in construction projections, thereby making its use across the industry a regular thing. Mosty, BIM is a cost effective and efficient method to visualize, control and organize and communicate everything around a construction project.

With that said, BIM is not CAD, computer-aided design. The main difference is BIM tools save funds, detect mistakes create accurate building schedules while speeding up the construction process.

With all that in mind, we conducted an in-depth analysis for Goodfirms even including the top solutions on the market and this article was the end result.

Need to know more about what BIM could bring to your business? Contact us now.

Need to know more about what BIM could bring to your business?