Corporate party @ KitRUM

August 16th, 2019

After one more year of active work, it was the right decision to get wild and celebrate at the annual KitRUM birthday party???

Last week was a special date in our lives – 5 years of our lovely and adorable KitRUM. It’s been 5 years since our CEO Tatiana and CTO Vlad decided to start this amazing and difficult journey. 5 years of sleepless nights raising the child named KitRUM. But time passed lightning-fast and now KitRUM has become a full-fledged, mature and experienced team of more than 300 people. So, this year we decided to celebrate our anniversary in a big way.

As you hopefully know, our entire team is in love with “Game of Thrones” (as is half of the world). So we choose exactly this theme for our corporate party. Especially since our team goes parallel with a serial idea: everyone is important to a company and none of this would’ve happened without everyone. So, all together tried to reach the “Throne” in a pretty funny, odd, and sometimes difficult way.

How did we begin?

To begin with, we brought all our friends and colleges from all our partnering cities. Our Delivery Manager came on horseback (read dragonback).

We rented out the big house with the pool. Set-up for the bash took a full day as there were different locations to build (Winterfell, Iron Island and so on – for sure you know them). We even rented the Iron Throne from the film stage.

How did we succeed? 

The perfect host led the incredible party. Photographers made epic photos (nothing you’d want to show your parents though),  and the videographer was always waiting for you around the corner to catch your perfect “poker face”. Finally, the competition took everyone near the pool, on the pool, and under the pool – we did everything to take the throne.

Yep, there’s nothing really like tasty foods and competitions to bring a company together.

The KitRUM birthday party had it all – great food, a huge bar, great host, hilarious actors and a bevy of new and classic games for our team to go nuts on, including the crowd favorite “jumping on the pool”.

Why did we decide to have such a great party?

We know the best way to build an effective and excellent team – it’s to make them feel like a second family. At KitRUM, we’re all about people. The right people. And we know for sure that the most valuable, the most important part of every company – are the people who write history.

So if you want to be part of our family (read team) – check our available opportunities and contact us!

So if you want to be part of our family (read team) – check our available opportunities and contact us!