Education AR app for an e-commerce project

Our children are our future! By that I mean, we need them to work hard and provide taxes to fuel our social services while I live well beyond what my retirement savings can support. In order to make children the best workers and thereby contributors to society’s social safety net they need to be well educated.

Our latest client does just that, as they provide schools and educational institutions with relevant contemporary content and game-like software that make learning engaging and fun. They do this by applying modern technology and novel forms of learning. In other words, “cha-ching!” Those state coffers of the future are going to brimming over with dinero.

Their core product is a tablet that provides 3D printing so easy a child could do it, because a child is for whom it’s intended. Makes sense.

For this project we had a Team of 4 engineers developed their core platform, which is an education AR app using a combination of React/Unity. Magento, WordPress, Woo, JavaScript and HTML.