Effective communication in the Team

In today’s modern companies, it takes a lot of teamwork to do the work that a team does.  This means that reliable communication will be crucial for creating effective cohesion. Does this mean just hollering down the hallway that something needs to be done? No, it does not. Can you really pretend that nothing is wrong with the code, but there clearly is, but he should know it? No. No, you should not do that.

The topic of training was all about “Effective communication

in the team.” The cool kids at KitRUM got to learn new ways to handle the all important task of relaying important thoughts to their colleagues in a manner that is both respectful and useful.

Later on, the KitRUM team applied their newfound communication skills to make spaghetti from a single noodle tied together.

Now you know how we spend our free time 🙂 So if you want to join our team – just contact us.