KitRUM helped to create an MVP and a fully automated anti-phishing software

January 30th, 2019

It’s Friday night. Kids are in bed. Just settling in for an evening of Netflix and chilling with the wife. Popcorn is popped and some sappy romance movie is planned which will hopefully elicit some sort of sexytime emotions out of her. Hopefully, I won’t be too bored and checking my phone while waiting for the chick-flick to work its pheromonic magic.

Phone rings. It’s my mom. Mood ruined. No, mom. Don’t click that link. I’m sure it’s a scam. No please don’t fill out a password reset button. Seriously, no it’s not for real. I doubt Gmail would notify you of a security breach via the domain (editor’s note: weird that it’s not purchased yet, eh?).

Boomers. They just can’t handle technology. They’d be lost without their GenX kids and Millenial grandchildren to save them.

Wait. Oh crap. A big three credit agency has been hacked. I better enter all my login details to figure out if I’m part of the breach. Wait. Facepalm. That wasn’t a link from my bank…

Even the best of us can get bamboozled by crafty internet hackers. Our latest client has that in mind with their product, which is the first social engineering defense platform.  It provides immediate protection for Office 365 and G Suite users by automatically eliminating social engineering threats – spear phishing, phishing, and business email scams. Pretty darn useful.

For this project, KitRUM helped to create an MVP and 1st version a fully automated anti-phishing software that provides security for G Suite & Office 365 users against phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks. We used Java, Scala, and Angular on this project.

If you’d like to create a Secure product – we are always here for you! Get in touch with us now.

If you’d like to create a Secure product – we are always here for you!