The Great New Year party for Mafia

January 29th, 2019

At KitRUM we get software development right and get it tight. Not coincidentally this is how we like to throw down the boogie when it’s time to unwind and party like it’s 2019.  2018 was a great year and it was time to give it an appropriate send-off.

The theme was “Mafia” this year, which of course meant tons of smiling and happy faces, as one might expect in a crime syndicate, of course.

Just because there’s a roulette wheel, and Ukrainians does not make it Russian roulette.

Wesley Snipes once said in a movie, to “Always bet on Black.” With that said, he went to jail for not paying is taxes, so maybe that’s not the best strategy on roulette.

With that camera has a special blur applied to it, or the mushrooms on this pizza I just ate were magic and just kicked in.

The breakdancing competition was a smashing success


There’s always that one guy when everyone says “bang bang” but says “pew pew pew” just to be all Star Warsy

God, I wish I was that camera.

No expense was spared, even on fancy toothpicks

What a Mafia party without fantastic girls

For this Mafia, you have to be really good looking to get in.

Overall the party went really well. Good times, good food with good friends. The working relationships we have at the office are genuine and allow us to do great work for our clients.

As you can see, KitRUM team is young and growing. We are heading towards the New Year at full speed with lots of energy and in a creative mood! We’ll keep you updated about our projects and new achievements. If you want to talk to us – please drop us a line below.

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