High-Flying Data

Sometimes you need to get a better view of the situation to fully understand it. Take a step back. Take it all in. From there you can figure out what your next steps need to be. This can literally entail flying your drone over and taking some high-resolution pictures. Even after that then you need the right software to interpret all that high flying data.

Our latest client lets their users create a dashboard, collect data via a drone, and their software does some amazing image processing. Thereafter, measure visualizes, annotate, share and… Profit!

Getting a better angle on things is useless if you can’t interpret and apply the data. With our client, they are designed to optimize operational excellence and put that data to work creation actionable insights.

For this client, we were a part of a remote distributed team of 20+ and helped to create a 3D aerial intelligence platform for Mining and Quarry blasting operations to reduce cost, improve productivity and safety by providing highly accurate survey data analytics. This is a powerful data analytics software designed to maximize operational excellence. The company utilizes aerial intelligence to uncover actionable insights for businesses of all sizes.

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