How to Find Four Software Developers in Four Weeks and Build a Strong Team

July 15th, 2021

Evgenia Kuzmenko KITRUM Brand ManagerEvgenia Kuzmenko

With the growing demand in the industry, finding a perfect software developer may seem difficult or too expensive, however with the right information and guidance, you can hire a developer smoothly just like we do. So here is our own rules of how to find and hire 4 extremely experiences developers in 4 weeks.

A report recently published by Evans Corporation suggests that there are approximately 26.9 million software developers globally, and this number is set to hit a high of 45 million by 2030. I know what’s on your mind; you’re already thinking hiring a developer would be the next easiest task you’ll ever engage in, right? Sorry to disappoint you.

The demand for this position is also increasing exponentially and is thought to be more than the current supply. A CNBC publication states that there are almost 1 million unfilled software developer positions in the US alone. 

Another report asserts that for every three software developer job openings, there is only one successful hire. This is not to discourage or scare you, but to emphasize that hiring a software developer in present times may not be as easy as you imagined. There are myriads of reasons why this is so, here are a few;

  • The world has gone digital, and almost every sphere and industry now needs a software developer. 
  • Software and digital products are evolving; they are becoming more advanced and demanding higher and diverse technical skills. Not many developers have all the requisite skills to operate at the current demand.
  •  Lack of sufficient experience.

An ICIMS research has revealed that it takes 50% longer to find and hire tech positions than other job descriptions. Some other reports have indicated that it would take an average of 73 days to hire a software development professional or team. Well, this is only true to an extent; with this exposition, you should be able to hire four software developers in four weeks. This is no bluff; just read on. 

Recruitment cycle of hiring a software developer

There is a process to hiring a developer or a developing team; there are also factors to consider so you don’t make a mistake. Let’s check them out.

Talent sourcing

This is the first stage of the recruitment cycle where you advertise the job opening so that interested candidates may apply. At this stage, you must be very clear on the job description and requirements. There would always be many candidates willing to jump on a software development vacancy, so being explicit about the job requirement would streamline the number of applications to only those interested in the project and whose skills and experience conform with the project’s requirements.

Sourcing for tech positions like this is best handled by professionals who understand the nitty-gritty of the industry and can appraise any potential candidate and industry-relevant certification as it relates to your need. This process typically takes anything between 1-3 weeks.

Preliminary Interview

A flood of resumes follows every job opening; developers with varying skill sets and certifications would have applied. It would be a wrong move to make hiring decisions based solely on the resume of candidates. As important as they are, resumes are not always a true reflection of experience and knowledge.

At this stage, a first interview or test is conducted to examine applicants’ general knowledge and skills related to the project. Sometimes applicants may be allowed to use their best resources and tools at this stage. Top performers would qualify for the next round of applications. The completion of the prelim interview should be between 1-2 weeks.


This is usually a final interview that informs a hiring decision, who is in and who is not. Here the client or his tech representative joins the process and contributes hugely to the hiring decision. Candidates who have qualified for the screening process would undertake a practical-based test most likely chosen by the client. 

The results from the test would form the basis for hiring a candidate. But decisions won’t be based solely on the test result. Candidates’ soft skills would also be appraised.


Suppose you find a candidate who is a good fit for the project at the end of the screening period. In that case, the next step is to make an offer stipulating the benefit, job duration, and any other important contractual term. This process typically takes about a week, sometimes less. Upon agreement of the offer, the candidate is expected to sign or consent in writing so that the contract of employment becomes binding.


The onboarding process entails getting the newly employed software developer acquainted with the other team members, the work process and ethics, and project orientation. Before the onboarding process is initiated, the employee is given some time, usually between 2-4 weeks, to complete existing tasks and end any former work relationships or obligations.

How long does it take to hire software developers?

There are varying opinions as to how long it would take to hire a software developer. Another study asserts that it would take an average of 66 days to fill the same position. This is not exactly fixed as the time-to-hire rate for a software developer position depends on several factors: geographical location, experience level required, tech stack, amongst others.

By Geographical location

The time-to-hire rate across regions has always differed. The elements of demand and supply, minimum wage, and technology stack would always influence the differences across regions. For instance, it is believed that the average time to hire a software developer in the US is 66 days, but it would take an average of 65 days in the UK. It would take a little less in Ukraine; hiring a development team lead in Ukraine may take upward of 40 days.

Experience Level / Tech stack

Aside from the geographical factor, the experience level of a developer also determines the time-to-hire rate. It takes more time (on average 35% more) to hire a senior developer or one who has more experience than it would take to hire a junior developer. Notwithstanding the experience level, the tech stack or specialty of the developer also hugely determines the hire time. You will definitely spend a long time trying to find developers with rare technology knowledge. For instance, the amount of time to hire a junior RoR or Python developer will be more than what it would take to hire a Java developer. This is so because there is less demand and less supply for this tech skill.

While it may take you a minimum of 8 weeks to hire a senior RoR, Python, or C++ developer, you may need only half or less than half of the time to hire a Senior frontend, Java, or .NET developer.

The above chart displays the average recruitment time of various software development professionals according to their level of experience.

How much does it cost to hire developers? The US vs. Ukraine

In recent times, Ukraine-based software developers have become more in-demand on the global front. This fact can be attributed to the lower cost of hire obtainable in Ukraine. Regardless of the lower hire rates, Ukraine remains one of the top sources for expert developers. 

We will be comparing the cost to hire a developer in Ukraine and the US, including tax implications to having an overview of the industry in both countries.

Hiring rate for a developer in the US 

The hire rate of software developers in the US varies slightly among states, and also the technology and experience of the developer influence the wage structure. However, on average, it would cost around $137k and $173k per annum. This figure is inclusive of tax and other work benefits as imposed by law. Although these taxes and benefits may differ according to regions, on average, 30% of the total sum makes up for the other payments, while 70% is the basic salary.

A typical salary package in the US would contain the following

  • Insurance  8%
  • Retirement benefit   3.8%
  • Supplementary   3.2%
  • Leave pay   7.1%
  • Other benefits   7.6%

Wage structure according to the level of experience

Hiring rate for developers in Ukraine

According to statistics furnished by DOU, the average cost to hire a software developer in Ukraine is between $1000 to $4000 per month. In some instances, senior software engineers can earn over $70,000 per annum. It could be a little more or less, but wages are generally dependent on the developer’s expertise and level of experience. A junior software engineer earns an average of $6, while a senior engineer can earn up to $20.

What is the financial implication of prolonging the hiring process?

Time is money! And for every vacant role you need to fill, you are losing money and also missing out on opportunities to pursue new financial goals. Beyond the fact that you will potentially lose money, you also spend more money by staying indecisive. Here is how;

Paying for Job boards ads

The popular job boards where you’re more likely to find suitable candidates are not free. As an employer seeking to hire, you will be required to pay a license fee that will permit you to place your job vacancy. Some job boards mandate you to renew your subscription daily, or you may have an opportunity for another payment plan. Sometimes you may want to advertise on several job boards, which simply means more payments.

Relying on HR teams

This applies if you have an external HR team or hire team whose duty is to ensure you get the best candidate. As long as the hiring process isn’t completed, you will have to continue paying them for their services.

Scrutinizing Candidates

We always advise that you should run a background check on any prospective employee. Doing this will enable you to verify their claims and also serves as a security measure. Running background checks are usually not free services. 

To sum up

Finding the right software developers is not supposed to be stressful or a distraction from your project. Admittedly, developers are an integral part of the project; however, the sensitivity of their duty demands that experts handle hiring. How about you focus on refining your idea and allow us to assemble a perfect team of software developers that will breathe life into your tech idea.

At Kitrum, we’ve been sourcing the best brains and assembling exceptional software development teams for our clients all over the world for more than five years, and we never fail. Not bragging; it’s our expertise.

Kitrum is a tech development company that connects interested clients with top-notch professionals in the industry.

How do we achieve this?

● You tell us what you want

● We interpret your need and customize a solution tailored to your want

● We source for a perfect fit developer

● We handle the recruitment process in four weeks or less

● You do an interview and choose from our pool of suggestions

● You manage the team the way you deem fit

● We are always there to ensure nothing goes wrong.

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