How Remote Software Developers Keep Your Company Running Even During The COVID 19

May 14th, 2020

How Do You Ensure The Stable Development Of A Software Business In The Age Of Inevitable Emergencies? And how do remote developers can help you out here?

We have seen the evolution of a technology revolution. Political, social, economic, and societal upheaval is changing how IT firms deal with clients and chaos. But the other side of the coin is that the expectations of clients are also changing, not just the landscape. Clients are getting smarter and have higher expectations of the work product. This duality is forcing an evolution in IT services.

First, societal concerns are forcing companies to be more mobile and agile. It is becoming harder and harder to predict what future event will warp the IT world. As everyone’s daily interactions become more reliant on powerful software, small social changes will reverberate through the software development industry. How long will this last? It is the new norm that daily world events could alter what clients’ need and how often they need IT help and support. Can you turn on a dime with new tools and visualization software?

Second, your clients are getting technologically savvier. What does this mean? Most business owners and developers have grown up in the digital world and have a higher knowledge of the digital landscape. They can walk and talk. They can get engaged in the discussion and have higher demands on the work product. You need to employ techs and computer engineers that can meet those higher expectations. Do your in house engineers meet this higher standard?

More Sophisticated Clients = More Remote Software Developers Providing Customized Services

Clients are becoming more engaged and involved in the control and customization of their IT assets. This concept of the ‘citizen developer’ is significant. What is a citizen developer? A citizen developer is not a coder but someone who is competent in a visualization development tool. These are the common drag and drop software solutions that allow anyone to develop websites (CMS) or email (MailChimp) HTML code without having to write a single line. 

Not only are these ‘citizen developers’ experts in their industry, they are also fully competent in the developer tools. Working with these clients you have to view them as subject matter experts (SME) in both their work and partially your work. Many companies and IT firms can outsource this work to mobile workers around the world. Remote SMEs with the needed skills and expertise in the tools are easily found and onboarded. They can easily start applying the skills in the necessary tools to the client and industry needs.

How To Evolve Your IT Services With Product Managers Of The Future

The business trend is for clients to be more engaged as citizen developers and to need new and highly customized products for their specific business needs. They don’t need coders. They need visualization development tools that give them the reins. This means your IT firm needs to be bigger and develop skills that can deliver timely service with a broader skillset. 

Your core group needs to be built from product managers that engrain themselves in the client’s work. They need to get into the minds of the sales department, eat their user demographics and data for breakfast, and learn how their customers actually use the products. This is a high order of involvement. Why? Because that is what is now being expected. The actually developed platform that is delivered by your IT firm to your client needs to be intuitive to the ‘citizen developers’ and SMEs at the company and it needs to be based on all of that knowledge acquired by your product managers.

How Do You Do This? Where Do You Start?

You start with your best outside-of-the-box thinkers. You need to build a remote development team of problem-solvers guys and give them the freedom and flexibility to develop a cloud-based visualization tool. Their job will be to develop a custom tool for the client. Trial and error will dominate the workflow for the prototype but that is to be expected. Visualization development tools, though, can be updated and improved on the fly and are the definition of the agile system. Build on each small success and don’t lose sight of the end goal of a collaborative and data-driven workflow solution for your client.

How Do You Build Remote Software Development Team Of Top Agile Talent

Don’t have the talent you need to be the big fish developing the solutions? Need more software developers to archive a goal? That’s okay. Recent world events (COVID-19) have proved the need for companies to be more flexible and create a reliable infrastructure for remote work. That means your employees or contractors could be halfway around the world or right next door. As long as you can fully engage with them and fulfill the client deliverable why would distance or time zone matter? Well, it doesn’t matter. Remote software developers are engaged because:

  • It lets workers control their schedules
  • You can still build an active employee digital community
  • You can facilitate virtual company-wide meetings with all of the contractors
  • You can still invest in their professional development
  • You can still keep remote employees engaged with a continual recognition

Remote workers are quickly becoming the new norm. Digital products are readily available to incorporate remote workers into your workflow. It is easy and highly efficient. With highly qualified workers around the world looking for extra work and new experiences you don’t have to worry about finding the right people. From our side, we help companies avoid the common risks related to hiring new people, taking into account your job requirements, industry specifics, and company culture. 

Final Thoughts 

The future for IT firms is uncertain. The only thing you can truly count on is that there will be change. Letting go of a fixed and in place physical office space co-located for all of your employees will impede your growth and continued success as industry norms require more and more of your time and money. Developing mobile and remote workforce allows you to be fully agile, aggressive, and constantly at the forefront of client-focused solutions. 

Your future depends on the team you have supporting you. Hire the best when you need a program development team to deliver the best. At KitRUM we understand these needs and are determined to provide your firm with the highest performing remote team for your firm’s needs. We also one of the Best Software Developers in the world according to DesighRush.  When you are ready to take the next step in developing your remote and mobile-ready team don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with us.

Why KitRUM it’s Reliable Software Development Partner

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