If you’re a company with a lot of thumbs in many different pies, then we’re your huckleberry and can help. One such many thumbs-in-pies-client has a great variety of projects, and we’re happier than a claim to be involved with them.

One of their many “irons in the fire” projects is an app which shows all the deals to be found in stores entirely based on your geographic location. Useful for those penny punching salt of the earth folks looking to save some cabbage without driving to heck and gone to do so.

Another project involves creating the web page for a Scandinavian political party. Stats, payments, filtering and sorting, and seeing all payees. Possibly the best thing for a political party since sliced bread…

For these clients, our team is working on several projects, all with diverse goals. This really shows what a broad range of skills we have at our fingertips.

So if you interested in getting more information about outsourcing to resolve your engineering challenges just contact us now.