KITRUM 2021 in Review – One of the Best IT Companies both in the US and Ukraine.

January 6th, 2022

Evgenia Kuzmenko KITRUM Brand ManagerEvgenia Kuzmenko

We became the best IT company in Kharkiv, according to Dou

KITRUM has been recognized as one of the best IT companies in Ukraine by, a professional tech community that supports software developers, engineers, frameworks, and other IT support roles.

We beat some of the best software development and IT firms in Ukraine to the number one spot, affirming our position as the best in employee relationships. Achieving this feat in a tech-competitive environment as in Ukraine reflects our commitment to excellence, professional support, and development. We value employee relationships as much as we value customer relationships. aggregates employee workplace experience and satisfaction and manages any information about the work process state. is a great and credible resource for discovering and learning about the Ukrainian IT sector. With, you will access forums, information, reports, and happenings that concern the IT industry.

We became the best IT employers in Ukraine, according to

Ukraine’s number one and most popular online job board also awarded as one of the best IT employers in Ukraine. As a top Job site with over 500 thousand visitors daily, collects work-process and workplace experience information from employees and job seekers to determine this award.

Being recognized by these two bodies means a lot to us, and we are not resting on these achievements. If there were anything better than the number one position we would strive to attain.

We became one of the Top 1000 Service Providers according to Clutch

Our commitment to optimal service delivery and our solution-driven approach that spurs growth and efficiency was noted by Clutch. KITRUM was listed as one of the Top 1000 Service Providers in the Clutch 2021 service delivery listing.

The compilation of this list is determined by recent and verified customer reviews that indicate quality service delivery, good customer relationship, and a companies’ market presence and reputation in the industry.

“As a member of the Clutch 1000, these companies represent the top tier of service providers on our platform,” Clutch Founder Mike Beares.

Clutch is a business-to-business rating and review platform. They rank service delivery companies on their platform by using a comprehensive process that assesses their market, portfolio, and ability to generate high-level results. The Clutch 1000 is the platform’s most credible and recognized listing. The list highlights the top 1% of all companies on the platform.

This year we’ve helped our clients:

Following the challenges of 2020 with the pandemic, we began 2021 with great optimism and hope, and at this time, we can say that 2021 was a year of great achievements for KITRUM and our clients.

Since the inception of KITRUM, we’ve leveraged innovation to drive sustainability and advancement. This is our past, our present well as our future. This year we assisted 68 clients in creating new products and expanding their development teams. Here are some of the things we have done and some clients we have worked with;

In 289 hours, we developed iOS and Android applications for Fitness & Physical Rehabilitation tech devices for Proteus Motion.

Collaborating with Proteus Motion in developing an application enabled us to be part of something innovative and novel. The Proteus Solution incorporates cutting-edge analytics with the world’s first 3D resistance training for high-efficiency, low-impact exercise. With this solution, users can greatly improve movement patterns.

We developed an Omnichannel Cloud Platform for Bright Pattern.

Bright Pattern is a B2B customer service solution provider. We designed an omnichannel cloud platform that can be easily installed and deployed. We integrated AI technology to enhance the solution’s efficiency while reflecting modern-day, cutting-edge technology.

With our collaboration, they can provide efficient cloud contact center solutions that enable organizations to provide complete and efficient customer service.

We provided a development team for Online Rewards.

Online Rewards is a software product specializing in building reward and incentive programs. It provides a customizable programming solution that creates apps to accumulate points for completing tasks. We began working together to create an iOS/Android app.

We provided a development team that creates apps; the project management experts and business analysts were also from our team.

We are not just about building tech solutions and products; we are also concerned about the business viability and success of what we build. Over the years, our clients have trusted us with realistic business analyses related to the solution we offer.

We developed a fintech solution for a lending company.

Although our collaboration with Creamfinance didn’t start from the company’s early days, we were still able to make our mark in the successful fintech company. Our specialized development team assisted the company in its expansion plan by optimizing operational architecture to help clients adapt swiftly and easily.

“KitRUM is innovative and always looking for new industry concepts to improve our business. Their synergy as a team is fantastic — truly exponential in comparison to others.” CTO at Creamfinance: Markus Florian

Our developers helped optimize a cloud-based gaming service

Our developers assisted Hatch entertainment to introduce new functionalities to their gaming applications. Our input and solution ensured that gamers on the platform would have a seamless experience void of glitches and lags.

We also integrated user profile functions, AI/ML algorithms, a payment gateway, and a feedback system.


With our demonstrated ability to compete and an unwavering emphasis on our clients, our leadership, together with our already established value and expertise, has enabled us to create innovative solutions constantly. We are always eager to assist our clients in becoming bold and embracing technological innovation.

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