KITRUM makes the list of Clutch Top B2B Service Providers for Sustained & Fast Growth for 2022 

April 25th, 2022

Evgenia Kuzmenko KITRUM Brand ManagerEvgenia Kuzmenko

KITRUM is happy to announce being named one of the most fast-growing companies due to Clutch, a leading rating and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. 

While creating the Top B2B Service Providers for Sustained & Fast Growth for 2022 list Clutch took into account companies’ absolute revenue growth rate from 2020 to 2021. The list includes the companies with headquarters in Ukraine, the USA, Singapore, Canada, and other countries.

KITRUM gained the 28th position among companies performing in the field of web and mobile development, public relations, call center services, and others. 

It’s been an honor for us to be on Clutch’s list as for 10 years already we have been connecting talented software developers with top technology leaders of the world and building the most risk-proof and cost-effective solutions for businesses. Among our clients, there are Fortune enterprises, VC-backed startups, NGO’s and private tech entrepreneurs. We work in many directions, such as custom software development, UI/UX design, mobile app development, software testing, and quality analysis, AI and Machine Learning, Data, and Analytics services. Through 2020-2021 software we have built within a company helped medical institutions, businesses, marketing agencies, banks, and law firms.  

«Being on a list of Top B2B Services created by Clutch is definitely a marker for us, that we move in the right direction. The main objective for KITRUM is growth, not only in the number of clients or projects but also in the quality of our services and products. As well as being on this list is another push for evaluation, as being on it this year, we definitely want to come back again! I’m grateful to every partner for building trustful and prosperous cooperation, and, of course, to every team member, which made each project a success», –  Vlad Kytainyk, CTO at KITRUM

Our growth comes as we gain more clients and at the end of every collaboration we receive much appreciation for the work we’ve performed for them. The key to success lies within setting the main objective of clients’ projects while onboarding to come up with breakthrough solutions to solve their problems. Our Delivery and Operations basically “scan” throughout the entire business model to find out what software solution would work best in every specific case. 

Then our professional HR and Recruitment takes the charge of creating the implementation team. We consider not only the technological aspect but also the type of team the project needs, including the professional characteristics and personal values of each member. Because there is nothing as much important as the sync within people bringing up the project together. 

The work of our professionals is built on software development methodologies such as agile and scrum, which help us to keep close track of the project and manage the time properly, so that every task was performed within a fair as well as effective timeframe. Nevertheless none of our team members, neither developers nor managers, are not afraid to walk the extra mile if it’s worth for development of a flawless product. Thus a crucial role for us plays the full involvement in the workflow of each specialist on board. 

Our clients have always viewed us as their partners, underlining not only the level of development we show but also the management, which is of high priority for us. 

«Their team efficiently follows an agile methodology, communicating consistently and working quickly to meet deadlines. They are a competent partner, using their skill and experience to produce great results», – says one of our clients. 

The last stage of work is performed by the Quality Assurance team, which examines the product or service before its deployment. In KITRUM we take full responsibility for the final result, as it’s a part of our reputation and pillar on which longstanding relations with our partners are built. 

To sum it up, as we aim to be present in the next year’s Clutch list among the top software development companies, be sure, that your project is in the good hand of our team. 

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