KitRUM recognized as one of the Top IT Employers in Ukraine

July 22nd, 2019

We reveal that, a professional development community focused on technologies, frameworks, and code, identified KitRUM as One of the Best IT Employer in Ukraine. 

The list we’ve topped includes some of the best software development and IT companies. To create and ceaselessly refresh Leaders, controls the information indicating the state of the work-process given by companies. is a great platform to find forums, news, reports, and events from the IT industry in Ukraine. There is always a useful and friendly conversation between software developers, marketers, recruiters, and managers.

With this special rank, DOU has created the list of Ukrainian employers in the software development niche according to employee feedback. The ratings show the choices from 19 thousand software development experts from Ukrainian IT firms. Sections assessed cover:

  • Interaction with Management
  • Connections with Co-workers
  • Professional Growth
  • Office comfort
  • Regular feedback
  • Working Requirements
  • Salary and Bonuses

Our high ranking is only possible thanks to our folks in the team and their excellent reviews. All of them make time to give feedback on our management and work approach. We are grateful for our team and enjoy the “family relationship” we’ve built together. Our people are a crucial part of the KitRUM family.

If you want to be a part of our “KitRUM family” – contact us now!