KitRUM opens new office in Mexico City

April 16th, 2019

Fast-growing Software development company brings its 7-year experience to the rising tech community

We are happy to announce the opening of new offices in Mexico City – a booming hub for software development.

In Mexico City, we already have a growing team of UI developers and data scientists and plan to bring onboard local engineering leaders in Flutter, Dart and React Native tech domains.

Why did we choose Mexico City? Mexico has a powerful technical school sector, competitive wages in the IT industry, mature infrastructure and is located in close proximity to the US. Top tech brands like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Dell have already chosen Mexico as a destination to outsource their dedicated dev teams. We are looking forward to bringing our seven years of experience in the software industry to this blooming new software development outsourcing hub.


Mexico is up-and-comer country

Mexico City has become the Latin American high-growth hub: In the last 6 years, growth of new startups led by 18-to 64-year-olds has been highest among all other LATAM countries, according to a study by the research firm Frost & Sullivan. Further, this growth was more than double that of innovation-driven economies including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, the study shows. And the average annual growth for venture capital investment is 32.6 percent, according to the study.

The latter, once the global capital of outsourcing, is today more expensive, has greater human capital turnover, and weaker infrastructure than Mexico, although Mexico has less service maturity than India, according to recent research.

But, equally important, Mexico can provide the talent needed by IT firms. According to Stack Overflow, the Mexico programmer population reached 228 thousand in 2018.

So Mexico is well-placed to catch up with these counties by becoming one of the world’s greatest outsourcing centers, and KitRUM team is well-positioned to expand there! We’ve got a real magnet for talent.

“Our philosophy is to partner with international collaborators, and to attract the most skilled specialists in different fields, points out CEO and co-founder Vlad Kytainyk.

“Targeting the B2B online, healthcare and financial services sectors, KitRUM has sourced the top guns of the software development scene in Ukraine and Poland, and now also Mexico to work on projects around the world, he adds.  

This philosophy has ensured stable growth to KitRUM, as today we successfully provide three major services – building software from scratch, hiring programmers to expand client teams and outsourcing offshore dedicated teams.

With a solid growth forecast for the firm in the coming year, KitRUM will gain an extra boost from the new talent it will recruit in Mexico’s new Mecca for IT skills, Mexico City.

If you have a certain project in mind or simply want to get in touch to learn more about KitRUM, please drop us a line below.