Large-scale touchscreens for retail

As a person who loves a quick shopping experience and hates long queues for fitting rooms, I appreciate (no, I idolize) technologies aimed to serve human beings. When I enter a store and see a large touchscreen where I can try different looks in real-time and see how they will look on me – I am thrilled. This is comfortable, faster and enjoyable.

We are engaging with touchscreens every day. In compact game consoles, automobile navigation operations, arcade games, information panels, restaurant reservation systems, and countless more places and industries. In only the last several years, they have become a standard part of our routine. Touchscreens are a common thing, and even more, companies are applying them to their communication with clients. The comfortable design of tablets makes them ideal for digital brochures or self-checkout fields. Businesses also take them to exhibitions, presenting their work to onlookers that can browse in real-time.

The task

Massive touchscreen platforms are an excellent advertising instrument for enterprises. These pavilions present a big area that allows clients to scan goods, menu lists, plans, and more. These scalable digital images make it simple for people to guide through a company’s offering.

For our latest client, we produced extensive multitouch & object identification technology for large-scale touchscreens built-in into desks and panels, connected with ground-breaking multi-customer applications for touchscreen software. Based on our prominent technology, any cover can be modified into a continuous, interactive multi touch screen of any dimension and form – even circle or curved forms.

KitRUM Approach

For this project, we built a dedicated team of C and C++ developers together with a Project Manager and Lead Software developer. We’ve finished it even faster than we expected, thanks to perfect team composition and smooth workflow between the client team and ours.

Our team is real pros when it comes to building complicated software solutions and application development.

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