Lighting up the future with Solar energy

October 10th, 2019

Last year, I was enjoying the weekend with my family at our country house. Everything was perfect: children playing with the dog, my wife cooking the best apple pie I’ve ever tried, the water in the pool just right, and the sun was shining. Wait. Sun was shining?

I thought l, why haven’t I thought of it before? Isn’t this the perfect chance to use the power of the sun for my own needs? So, after a few days, I’d brought a solar home system. Now my solar station brings me more than enough energy for my wife’s cooking and even the children watching TV.

This way, two co-founders reached out to us to help them build embedded software for solar solutions. I knew it was fate. At KitRUM, we foresee a future where everyone from every corner of the world is enabled to delight in the safe and low-priced pure energy products. So with the impressive plan to produce reliable, clever, fresh power to people in the world, we started “doing big things together.”

Have a quick look at the statistics around solar energetics.

Many countries have established meaningful solar power potential into their electrical grids to complete or implement an alternative to traditional energy sources.

The global growth of photovoltaics is remarkably productive and differs greatly by nation and land. In 2018, total photovoltaic size grew by more than 510 gigawatts, which is enough to fulfill around 5% of the world’s total electricity use. The top solar energy providers of 2018 were China, the United States, and India. As we can see there is a huge demand for solar power, however, still more than 2 billion people across the globe live without regular access to electricity. (Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedia

From the very beginning of this project, we knew that this solution would transform the lives of 100 million people. This was an ambitious social impact goal and we archived it. A solar power system is the ideal power grid for your home or business, bundled with lights and useful accessories.

For this project, we used our experienced embedded software developers. We built a team of C and C++ engineers. They helped our client to build cutting-edge solar lights and solar house systems that come with a 2-year guarantee and are Lighting Global certified. Our client has sold more than 20 million solar products across 65 countries. Here at KitRUM, we are happy to see and understand the real impact of our work on this world-changing product.

Why KitRUM?

KitRUM implements innovation — from creating impressive new concepts to generating and realizing changing products. Our experience and expertise are based on a human-centered approach that guarantees high quality from idea to final product.