Mixed Metaphors for a Complex Client

It really was only a matter of time. The world is facing yet another crisis. A shortage of auctioneers. Calm down here. Yes, those guys say super fast numbers and pointing at people to get their bids. 79…79…Do I hear 95? Do I hear 95? 95…..95. 102? 102…. Sold! Now go back and read that at a rate of 10X what you might normally speak.

Clearly, with all these fast-talking guys out there, the political establishments took note. They needed guys that guy throw numbers by past people really fast and make them nod in agreement as the price went up. Gibberish slingers found a natural career segway into politics. Headhunters descended upon the auctioneer professions like flies on garbage and carried off the best and the brightest of them all.

Nowadays the whole auction industry is facing a dearth of talent. I went to an auction last Thursday and I could even understand the guy. Terrible.

Our latest client helps with all that. Since more auctions have gone online, our client offers a white-labeled auction platform which makes the whole process seamless. On this project, we’re working with Node.js as the key backend tech. We’re hammering away on the main platform itself, adding new features and options for users.

If you’re a company with a lot of thumbs in many different pies, then we’re your huckleberry and can help. One such many thumbs-in-pies-client has a great variety of projects, and we’re happier than a claim to be involved with them.

Another project involves creating the web page for a Scandinavian political party. Stats, payments, filtering and sorting, and seeing all payees. Possibly the best thing for a political party since sliced bread…

For these clients, our team is working on several projects, all with diverse goals. This really shows what a broad range of skills we have at our fingertips.

So anytime you need top-notch devs for any type of challenges – keep in touch with us!