Music recognition app development

November 25th, 2019

You hear a melody in the cafe or the bar. You’ve heard this music a thousand times, a long time ago, and the emotion of the music truly tugs at your heartstrings. You would love to hear it again the next day and day after, yet you can’t recall its name! Luckily, in our marvelous modernistic world, you have smart devices with music recognition software. You can relax because that software shows you the title, the artist’s name, and genre and now you will be able to listen to it over and over until you get sick of it. It happens to me all the time.

Web and mobile tech, together with the immense growth in audio signal transforming, have provided the remarkable capability of creating music recognizers.

How does the whole thing work?

All music identification systems have a huge database of music data, an algorithm that can immediately excerpt data from your audio example, and an application to let you interact with those items. However, our client went even further. They put all music identifications collectively with the data that defines who gets paid for it. If the company works with the audio, they can assist you with its license administrators.

KitRUM provided a completely self-controlled Agile team in just 8 days from the first conversation. A complete, cross-cutting software engineering team, composed of 2 Python Developers, 1 C# developer, DevOps and a Project Manager were handpicked to match the client’s requirements. The music monitoring services that the team set out to create was a completely new formula for the common music lover and therefore needed a full source of data.

Rapid increase pricing and large market demand for software developers might be tricky for businesses admitting software projects. For some firms, outsourcing software projects to an outside vendor with qualified and skilled engineers could be a great alternative.

Our client’s software has already used for tracking of 5,000 radio stations and 1,500 television channels in 134 countries.

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Why KitRUM?

KitRUM implements innovation — from creating impressive new concepts to generating and realizing changing products. Our experience and expertise are based on a human-centered approach that guarantees high quality from idea to final product.

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