Online hotel distribution platform

Being in the hotel business has gotten a tad bit more complicated in the last few years. At one point a hotel just had to have a blinking vacancy sign and location near a paved road. The guests would flow in and out of there without any issues. The competition was mostly limited to other hotels/motels and crashing on your local friend’s odd smelling fold out couch.

With that said, today the hotel industry is in constant mortal combat over guests. Services and accommodations are expected to be tip-top, or it could result in a bad review online. And as if that weren’t enough, they even have to contend with competing with AirBnBs popping up in neighborhoods nearby.

Some of the tools they offer include:

  • Making a hotel more visible on the world’s top booking sites and easier to find by guests from any geographic location.
  • Access provided for 3rd party applications to grow revenue and enhance a guests booking
  • Providing Data to understand the local market conditions and get accurate pricing to achieve the right profit margins.
  • Removing the need for manual entry.

Summary of what we did – Our team of 12 engineers worked on the development of the client’s core online hotel distribution platform. This is used by thousands of accommodation providers in over 105 countries to help increase online revenue, streamline business process and drive down the cost of acquisition.

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