The call center

Way back when I was a strapping young dude looking for a job to feed the fam, I had an interview at a company involving coordinated call centers. They company fancied itself as the top-of-the-line in dealing with emergencies involving power outages across a particular area.  They used a centralized phone system with live operators to answer calls from customers dealing with power outages. And boy howdy, back in the 90s they probably were…. With that said this was back in 2012. Times had changed a bit in the previous 20 years.

The interview with the CEO did not go so well. Being deeply knowledgeable in tech, but not quite the tech scene guru/juggernaut/humble guy I am today, I could see that their model was heavily outdated, and on the way towards the dustbin of historical obsolescence. Bringing up that impending doom as a way to show my understanding of the industry, led to the CEO pulling a power play as to who was interviewing for the job and who was the CEO interviewing me for the job. I didn’t take that well.

By the end of the interview, I found myself wondering how anyone working with tech could be unaware of technological progress being, you know, a thing. I already had a curt rejection email from their HR after the 20-minute drive home, which was somewhat of a relief.

Our latest client is the fruition of that prediction for the call center industry.  They just so happen to be the industry’s simplest, most powerful cloud contact center. They revolutionize the way customer service is delivered.

The client was looking for Java developers, they value Math knowledge and understanding of the algorithm, experience with GWT is highly appreciated as well. So for this project here at KitRUM we created a dedicated team with Java developers to meet all the requirements and needs.

So if you are also searching for whether a 1 Senior guy for 4 weeks part-time or a team of 5 engineers for 12-24 months, we will help you find the fit.

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