The Programming Languages We Use For Our E-commerce Project Involving AI

December 16th, 2019

What program languages could perfectly fit for your E-commerce project.

AI technology is shaping the entire eCommerce industry, and KitRUM is at the front lines of this revolution. This year we become one of the best eCommerce software developers around the globe. But what software technologies do we use for our eCommerce clients when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation? In this article, we will discuss how technology and AI are shaping programming languages and the way that KitRUM is building software to enhance the eCommerce industry.

investment in AI


As an object-oriented programming language, Java and Java Frameworks offer tremendous capabilities for the development of a wide range of applications from games and web to mobile and desktop. Java is also compatible with many website platforms and other software. Of course, having access to a magnitude of data is important for both AI and machine learning to function, so Java comes in handy especially when integrating various tools with AI and increasing productivity. Projects built on this language could efficiently leverage machine learning and AI to take the client experience to a completely new level and deliver valuable competitive advantages to the business. Java is efficient in natural language processing, neural network building, and the improvement of search algorithms, which is particularly important for eCommerce projects.


Another popular programming language that can be used for the implementation of AI projects due to the simple and seamless structure it offers, is Python. Python allows specialists to create neural networks with a kit of built-in libraries and provides a powerful set of frameworks that work well for the extensiveness that many eCommerce platforms require. It is also compatible with many other languages and platforms. 

The absence of a need for standard compiler programming languages and continuous data processing makes Python perfect for building and testing AI algorithms and helps to reduce the time required for project development as compared with other relevant programming languages. Python supports neural networks and natural language processing, which are widely used in modern eCommerce to improve marketing and operations. If you want to implement features like customized recommendations, image and speech recognition, machine translation, and fraud detection, Python would be an excellent choice.



One of the oldest programming languages with a simple to use syntax, C is most popular when creating mobile applications and embedded applications. Using this language for eCommerce becomes a simple choice as technology has advanced online shopping to be as quick and personalized as possible. Many other programming languages, including Python and Ruby, have gathered their data functions from the knowledge of C, which makes it useful to learn and utilize even its most basic functions for AI and advancing technology. 


C language’s younger sister, C++ is difficult to learn, yet is a highly useful programming language that allows coders to build powerful online platforms, eCommerce software, games, and many other products that require a multi-paradigm programming language rich in library functions and toolsets. Many basic AI functions are built with C++ because it demands lots of calculation and C++ is the fastest programming language in the world that successfully responds to this challenge. C++ is suitable for machine learning and neural networks, so if you want to provide your clients with a maximally personalized shopping experience and develop modern chatbots, C++ will do amazing work for your company.

As you may have noticed, choosing the right software language is quite a challenge, especially when it comes to AI in eCommerce. However, if you are thinking about heading down that path, you can contact our experienced team of software developers who have implemented over 100 eCommerce projects for clients all around the globe.

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