The second anniversary of Flutter

May 22nd, 2019

Day by day there are hundreds of mobile applications appearing on the App Store and Google Play. So far corporations and firms are in a constant state of the quest for opportunities to create apps easier and faster with a restricted budget. The native development for iOS or Android always demands two various techs and as a consequence two development teams and twice cost. This is the reason, companies started looking for cross-platform solutions. Entrepreneurs nowadays have to make important choices on their preferred mobile technologies.

Flutter is an open-source frame for creating cross-platform mobile applications. “Cross-platform” implies that you build up an application that can stay running on various platforms. For this situation, Android, iOS and additionally Fuchsia. Generally, you would need to compose the equivalent application numerous times, for example in Java for Android and in Swift for iOS. This is pure agony for engineers, and Flutter wants to end their suffering, by fixing it of course.

Flutter, an application made by Google and published in 2017. However in December of 2018  Google released Flutter 1.0, the first steady release of Google’s UI toolkit. Today it’s the fastest developing expertise among programming engineers. Flutter utilizes Google’s Dart language to offer specialists the best of React style element based UI structure with an incredible, straightforward language (strangely simple to get like Ruby). Dart is easy to learn and a delight to use, it has a straightforward sentence structure, in contrast to Android coding, where there are distinct files for the front (Views) and backend (Java), Dart does both tasks.

Flutter scored 3rd place among, the most Loved frameworks in 2019 Source Stack Overflow.

According to Linkedin Data, Flutter is the fastest-growing skill among Software Developers. And this is actually not that much of a surprise

  1. Realization of the complex format and design in Flutter is simple. As a result of the Material design specification, it’s simple to build strong UI right inside the Dart. It provides an undisturbed, clear experience you just have with native applications.
  2. A whole bunch of built-in elements, catalog of widgets for layout-ing, typing, and animations. Widgets implement the Human Interface Design allowing you to get that native “sense.” Up to now, I find all the necessary stuff in the widget catalog without using any third-party repositories.
  3. Flutter is totally open to the public and on hand for everyone on GitHub. The huge kit of open source bundles can help you develop applications quicker. The package library is growing by the day.
  4. The tools and documentation for Flutter are amazing. When developing with Flutter you allow for picking from several Integrated Development Environments. I use IntelliJ and it’s a great IDE for me. However, I know a lot of Flutter developers who use Visual Code. So the choice is totally up to you.
  5. Flutter allows developers to boost output. If you are creating the applications natively, iOS developers use Xcode. Every single time you make modifications, you have to restore the application or third-party dependencies to find out the changes in the gadget. However, Flutter has a hot reload option, and if you make changes, it turns up in the devices immediately.

By the way, Flutter is so popular that they even have their own International Flutter Hackathon in June 2019.

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Our CTO set down and put together KitRUM’s wisdom and experience of Flutter development and create a wonderful article for

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