Where to find software developers with reasonable rates for a startup business

August 29th, 2019

While your early startup or business is expanding and regularly delivering innovative features, at that some point you may feel it necessary for extending your team of programming engineers. Unless you’re situated in the US or Western Europe, you know that you may face a lack of tech talent locally. In addition, it might be unreasonably costly for you to hire in-house engineers for small projects.

Placing ourselves in a startup owner’ shoes, which questions appear when it comes to software development challenges? 

Where Can I Find Developers For a Startup?

There are numerous strategies to help you employ the appropriate engineer, but there exists just a few that will match your particular requirements. Some platforms provide you with pre-screened applicants who are able to join your company full-time. The rest only give access to a huge pool of “pay per hour” freelancers. Rely on your demands, resources, and basic skills in leading developers, when analyzing which place is suitable for you.

3 ways to find  the best developer talent:

Hire Freelancers

This is the cheapest way to solve the issue of a lack of developers in your team. Here are a few helpful platforms that you can use to get software engineers for your short-term project. 

  1. Upwork
    It’s a very simple process: you post your job, Upwork chooses several freelancers who have the necessary skills, and you have a shortlist to select the right one. Here is are two ways that you can pay for work: pay-per project or an hourly price. “Pay for the project” is generally applied for small and short jobs while hourly rates are preferred for long-term large projects.
  2. Toptal
    The most extraordinary point of the website is the precise examination of all the freelancers, after all, only 3% endure. However, this platform is impossible to use for small businesses.
    This is a place of on-demand digital freelance co-operation, from learning languages to coding, the biggest con here is this website is relevant only for short-time projects (gigs) and there is also no verification process. 

Everyone who ever worked with freelancers knows that it’s is always a big risk to hire an incompetent developer or someone who doesn’t have enough experience. Based on Harvard Business Review, 27% of startups and regular companies are no less than 200% above budget, which is dangerous to the business’s financial environment. So choosing the right and trustworthy developers can hugely decrease this risk. One more risk factor to differentiate working with freelancers – you can’t be sure about the accuracy of information. According to HireRight, 63% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.

Find outsourcing software development company 

This is the most adequate and appropriate way to hire a software developer with reasonable rates. Where do you go for the remote team? 

  1. Clutch
    This is the most known place for hiring remote software devs. Whatever you need: software for your business, mobile application, a website for your company – Clutch allows you to pick an appropriate and trustworthy agency. Here you can study referrals from previous clients, see the projects, and more.
  2. Goodfirms
    As well as Clutch, here a lot of real software development companies can help according to your requirements.  You can easily check the categories like AR/VR, IoT, Web, software, and app development while choosing the right agency that meets your demands.

This marketplace builds strong connections between companies and service providers.

How many developers do I need for my startup?

This will depend greatly on how difficult the problem you are solving is.

I regularly suggest that there be a minimum of 2 or 3 developers on projects if there is someone stuck on a dilemma, there will always be another person that they can handle it with. From our personal practice as a software development company, one rock star developer is worth the whole team. You’d better hire 2 excellent software engineers you can find than get 10 “green” ones. However, it always depends on your project, timeframes, and budget. 

So if you haven’t actually decided yet how many developers you need and which kind of tech you will use for your startup – contact as now. Here at KitRUM, we help tech companies worldwide to ramp up custom-built, remote and dedicated software engineering teams.  This year we join the list of the Best Custom Software Development Companies.

Our 10-years reputation and proven experience allow us to be a reliable software technology partner. 

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