Your Guide How to Find Node.js Developers For Your Team

December 5th, 2019

Node.js is one of the most mainstream backend techs and is the foundation of numerous inventive programming projects. It takes into account quick and versatile programming development. It also utilizes JavaScript – the most widely used language of the web world – in its engine. It’s no surprise that such huge numbers of organizations are putting forth a valiant effort to hire great Node.js designers. So we decided to create a guide for finding Node.js developers. In this study, KitRUM shares a portion of our experience with regard to building and expanding an appropriate Node.js team.

Are you looking for Node.js developers? At KitRUM, we’ve been building our own Node.js team for 3 years and now we have many skilled guys working on a variety of Node.js products for our customers.

As Node.js is utilized for back-end engineering, the principal job of a Node.js developer is to make an association between server and customer. Coders explain application functioning and handle top-notch client requests that are implemented by the framework. Node.js is also utilized for front-end development, therefore, Node.js programmers must be proficient at the front-end too and understand the nuts and bolts of how front-end components work with the back end. Aside from this, Node.js is used for the embedding of third-party tools into programming products. Developers have numerous responsibilities and need to concentrate significantly on numerous subjects.

Node.js developers labor market – outline

Today, the demand for Node.js developers is much higher than the supply. In 2019, Node.js came out ahead of the pack as the most widely utilized technology according to a Stack Overflow study.

As it stands, there are almost 10 thousand job openings on Indeed, which means 10 thousand companies across the US are currently or have recently been looking for developers with a NodeJS skillset. 

Concerning the explanations behind the prevalence of Node.js, we could speak for ourselves as well as pretty much all the well-known organizations that utilization it – for example, Airbnb, Netflix, Trello, or Linkedin – for a considerable length of time about Node’s highlights, execution, and adaptability in web improvement. 

What sorts of skills should Node.js developers have? How competent should a Node.js developer be? You must formulate your individual list of rules, however, here are our requirements for a middle Node.js position at KitRUM:

— Experienced distributed systems development experience leveraging Node.js, TypeScript;

— Kubernetes;

— Kafka;


— GraphQL;


— Strong working knowledge of designing solutions meant to be highly scalable, low latency and support Platform Service (PaaS) capabilities;

— Knowledge in JavaScript/TypeScript (in particular the primary functional programming concepts, dependency injection, and MVC); and

—  Knowledge of SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL) or NoSQL (MongoDB).

Where should you search for skilled Node.js developers?


All approaches we can make the developers find us first. It can be a pretty difficult method, however, it allows you to gain more loyal and staunch candidates. You must build a strong brand and valuable business goals otherwise no one will understand your company and why you need software developers. We picked an interesting article from Slackoverflow that shows the reasons why programmers choose one over another company.


 More straightforward methodology. Outbound includes finding the up-and-comers and making that initial move. Taking advantage of job websites such as Indeed, Stackoverflow, TopTal or Glassdoor can increase the chances of finding your very best candidate. Also, don’t neglect the regional options on those websites, which may vary depending on your area. Participate in business conferences and lectures, approaching and communicating with your future Node/js developers (if you have the energy to do so) by partaking in both regular (paid workshops) and free (networking) events.

Outsourcing software development

 It allows you to find experienced Node.js developers with reasonable rates in a more flexible period by simply scaling your team or creating an entirely dedicated team from scratch.

Here are a few reasons why companies outsource software development:

  1. Need to create MVP in a fast and cost-effective way;
  2. Need to customize a product;
  3. Need to automatize business processes;
  4. Need to grasp the possibility for outside investment; and
  5. Need faster time-to-market;

Outsourcing is a common process due to its availability and affordable costs. It can be applied for short and long-term projects and you can outsource software development from other countries. You also don’t have to pay any extra charges such as rent, taxes, software licenses, and tools — just the hourly price of the engineering team (or Node.js devs). Also, the hourly fees in some areas and counties like Ukraine or Poland are much lower than in the US. Making contracts, including NDAs, guarantees a solid work process.

Need solid Node.js developers?