How did the whole story begin?

The story began in the 2010s. Vlad and Tania were two young tech entrepreneurs passionate about building software products. They had their own startups, were a part of large software corporations, did private consulting for companies in the US, Europe, and Middle Asia. In 2014 they had established a company of their own.

They’ve always known that company success is always about people, the right people. So, the most crucial point from the very beginning was hiring talented and open-minded people in our local team and our remote offices in Ukraine, Mexico, and Israel. Those people have been our most prominent value and our fundamental top deal.

We raised our supporting friends in their intention to build a software product, and, based on that knowledge and the outcomes KitRUM was started as a very hand-picked service to spread this way of thinking to all our clients. Now, we help startups and product companies to build mobile, desktop, and web applications with pixel-perfect UI, using our best practices and a variety of frameworks.

Where is the company now? 

KitRUM provides high-quality software development services to clients in multiple sectors. We work with healthcare, banking and financial organizations, aerospace, automotive, gaming industry, education, real estate, and tourism. Our primary expertise is a product software development for technological startups.

During our work process, we implement a unique methodology in supporting startups and enterprises to create their products from the preliminary stages of napkin sketches and up to successful launching. We’ve been growing bigger year to year and we now have a team over ~250 developers, BAs, QA, UI/UX designers, and marketers from around the globe. We handle numerous challenging projects simultaneously. 

But what makes us unique is our width of expertise. We don’t write code, we dive deeper and solve business challenges. 

Our Values

Take responsibility

We take responsibility for what we pledge ourselves to and interact openly to sync all the parts of the work process.

Mutual Respect

We respect people and embrace nonconformity. Our goal to bring comfort and happiness to the work process, for our difference helps us create more original and innovative solutions.

Perfect reputation

We strive to outperform expectations and deliver wow-solutions. And it’s work with 10/10 clients.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with the top-tier software engineering talents that think business, not just code.

Tania MurashenkoCEO and Co-Founder @ KitRUM

What do clients say about us?

Let’s get in touch

If you have a certain project in mind, are feeling lonely, or simply want to get in touch to learn more about KitRUM, please drop us a line below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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