Mobile Application Development

Build a mobile app from scratch, jump into an exciting project, build MVP to "wow" your investors, or improve an exciting application.

During the last 6 years, we have been building mobile applications from scratch for Healthcare, Fintech, Real estate, EdTech, etc companies. Our approach is based on maximizing the product’s value by using advanced technologies to bring your ideas to life. Today, KITRUM application development services are modified according to your industry-specific needs, technical requirements, and budget. 

We believe that every mobile application idea could potentially skyrocket to a market leader position, it just needs a little help. Let’s see what we could bring to your project.

We will build a pixel-perfect mobile app with excellent functionality in 4 month

User Experience Design

Our focus is placed not on the way our application looks and works, but on the actual experience of the end-user. To create such an experience you need to have a strong understanding of modern design trends, but what is more important, behavioral psychology techniques and unique vision. KITRUM developers have enough experience and skills to deliver competitive UX design.

Cross-Platform Coverage

In case you do need your application to run on several platforms, it is not a big deal. KITRUM developers will create an app with great performance in different environments without constantly re-doing the code part. With our team, your app will function without interruption in every operating system.

Scalability & Interoperability

When you develop mobile apps, it is crucially important to ensure that it is working equally well on every device type. KITRUM developers team will create scalable and interoperable applications that will impress your end users despite the operating system or devices that prefer.

Security & Compliance

We acknowledge and appreciate your trust when you choose our development team to create your app. We prioritize security and compliance standards while working on them to ensure the safety of your potential clients‘ data.

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Mobile App Development Service KITRUM offers

  • Prototyping & Strategy
    Every development process starts with software prototype development and strategy creation. We will conduct market research and competitor analysis to come up with a plan of action.
  • Hybrid Development
    KITRUM developers have the expertise to create highly customized hybrid mobile apps that you could potentially integrate with most data sources. We will help you to increase the value of your product and deliver the best quality to your customers.
  • Native Development
    We offer native iOS and Android development services in case you are interested in this. Native apps usually offer a better user experience. However, native app development is expensive and time-consuming, that is why we usually recommend sticking with other solutions.
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
    In case you need to reinforce internal processes, rethink work methods to make them quicker and more effective, the enterprise mobile application may be a great choice. KITRUM team could both deliver quality products to your customers and provide a solution for optimizing internal business processes.

Why companies choose KITRUM

Industry-Specific Experience

Our teams have experience in building software products for companies in different industries, from FinTech to HealthTech. We like to group developers and other team members according to the industry of the projects they have already completed. Therefore, you get truly experienced and skilled specialists working on your project. As a bonus, they are already familiar with industry-related issues and technical problems they may cause.

Real-time Communication / Accountability

KITRUM developers fluently speak English аnd work in your convenient time zone. We prefer to make the whole collaboration process transparent because we are interested in making it comfortable and stress-free for you. We achieve that with help of agile management and regular reporting.

Scalability and Support

We get that new mobile application development demands financial resources and we are interested in you getting your investment back as soon as possible. That is the reason we discuss every step of the development process with your team. We find weak product areas and new ways to add value to your app.

Source Code Ownership

Many software development teams claim the ownership rights on the code they have created to prevent their clients from consulting with third-party firms. We believe in the supremacy of customer’s choice, that is why the code we developed for your project is yours by right.

Mobile App Development Stack


iOS App Development

Programming Languages: Objective-C, Swift IOS Mobile Development Tools: Xcode, AppCode UI Frameworks: UIKit, SwiftUI.


Android App Development

Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin Android App Development Tools: Android Studio UI Framework: Jetpack Compose, Android UI

Cross-Platform Application Development

React Native (JS) Flutter (Dart) Xamarin (C#)

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