• Extend Your Dev Team

We can find some more people to get your projects done

Using our services, the client can get a full cycle of web and mobile development. According to your requirements and project goals, we will provide you with an optimal team composition of high-level professionals, and organize the work process.

Benefits of nearshore software development outsourcing

  • Cost reduction.
    Since the hiring process requires a lot of time and efforts, software development outsourcing is a perfect option. It helps to save time and money, as well as facilitates the hiring process while reducing hiring mistakes.
  • Team scaling.
    Time is one of the necessary factors of the development process. Using outsourcing, you can easily switch or add the developers whether they are front-end or back-end for your project.
  • Access to high-skilled specialists
    Outsourcing provides you with talented developers around the world. In this way, people don’t need to work only in one place. You also won’t be distracted from the core tasks because the external partner will take the other responsibilities.

Project Manager


Team Lead


Architecture Developer


UI/UX Expert




Flutter Programmer


JavaScript Engineer


Python Engineer

Add some fresh brains and extra hands to your dev team

Expand your team with new employees and fresh ideas. It will help your team to see what they can do in a better way and find the latest solutions for your projects.

Build a nearshore team of software gurus from scratch

We provide qualified developers, QA engineers, designers, and project managers, who will help you customize the development process and establish effective communication.

Projects that we’ve recruited dedicated teams for

Why to outsource with KitRUM?

  • We work only with top 5% talent and pay attention to quality assurance.
  • We hire only nearshore specialists.
  • Our software developers are fluent in English and know the specifics of worldwide markets.
  • We have our offices in the United States, Eastern Eurome and Middle East.
  • We have over 10 years of proven experience working for worldwide markets.

We work from these locations

While our teams of developers are located all over the world, and we’re online 24/7, you can physically meet us here.

Tampa Area, Florida, US

South Florida is a place where high tech companies, research institutions and industry organisations are concentrated.

Kharkov, Ukraine

Due to multiple top-level technical universities, Kharkov has a large pool of highly qualified IT talent, estimated at over 10000 IT professionals.

Yokneam High Tech Park, Israel

Israel’s tech ecosystem with nearly 150 different companies involved in R&D and $5-6 billion in technology exports annually.

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