KitRUM provide educational software development services and e-learning systems

Education Industry is the fastest growing sector which is modifying main technology progression like no one nowadays. The fruitful installation of the education industry like E-Classrooms, online education, Educational robots, virtual tests and learning management software, are all stemmed from the broad capacity of tech evolution which the industry has covered so far.

KitRUM implements full-board development of educational and e-learning solutions. Exceptional software for education that gives your company the ability to achieve higher purposes in every situation. We have built bunches of education software for classes, courses, training groups, and huge organizations.

Educational Platforms and E-learning services 

We develop Software and Management E-learning solutions with flawless backend and simple and pure frontend, which helps educational organizations, large-scale enterprises, individual startups to obtain the highest production without troubles.

Management Software and Applications for Education companies, HR, Student, and Startups, etc.

Development Native apps to achieve platform scalability and interoperation for desktops or mobiles, and any other gadgets.

Interconnect multimedia, social deck, graphical elements, video and voice opinions into the ed apps.

Database Management and Software for E-learning

Building Brand Management Software for Educational industry

AI-grounded Ed Apps

KitRUM is armed with a skilled team that can develop all-round solutions for Artificial Intelligence (AI) built Education Applications. Straightaway from building AI education apps to supplying and promoting results, we produce high-grade delivery at all stages of the project. We create a bugs-free AI algorithm that supports the Education sector to realize their automation addressing.

AI associated frames, form, inputs and query interfaces.

Offering entire solutions in AI Software to Educational systems from refreshing current systems to develop a totally new one.

Support Creating AI education application which consistent, personalized and has smart interfaces.

Educational simulation

Educational simulation applications are seemingly the most beneficial kind of educational software. It teaches within almost real-life virtual forms. Whatever sort and challenging of simulations your business demands, our engineers are available to build them.

Creating chatbots

Chatbots are the latest modern thing in educational app development and so we are excited to implement appropriate assistance in this field with ML algorithms that build chatbots brighter and sharper. We built chatbots with education software development background and provide NLP and ML Software Development

Software development for special needs

Education has to be accessible and clear for all learners. So that learners with specific demands need customized platforms. Here at KitRUM, we create educational gaming apps, video and live running apps, voice, musical and graphical teaching apps.

Our latest E-learning and educational software development soutions

So in case, you have in mind creating custom educational apps, virtual reality apps or education management platforms whatever, our development team has enough skilled and nimble guys who always ready to help you realize even the most incredible plans. 

Where do we locate?

While our teams of developers are located all over the world, and we’re online 24/7, you can physically meet us here.

Tampa Area, Florida, US

South Florida is a place where high tech companies, research institutions and industry organisations are concentrated.

Kharkov, Ukraine

Due to multiple top-level technical universities, Kharkov has a large pool of highly qualified IT talent, estimated at over 10000 IT professionals.

Yokneam High Tech Park, Israel

Israel’s tech ecosystem with nearly 150 different companies involved in R&D and $5-6 billion in technology exports annually.

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