KitRUM helps international Fintech businesses create ground-breaking financial technology solutions that transform the world’s economy.

Our engineers helped more than 30 companies manage, parse and extend their PaaS platform and transform their old legacy systems. We sketch and expand software designs with microservices, providing continuous mainstreaming of native and third-party services. KitRUM collects and grows dedicated development teams for the best fintech companies, giving them stable extensions without overrun.

Streamline processes

Business services cover hand-operated tasks such as completing bills or managing data in spreadsheets. Fintech engineers streamline these tasks to enhance service quality.

Identify Fraudulent Actions

Detecting and stopping financial scams before they make impairment to your business, a fintech development company uses a prognostic data approach.

Organize financial information with Machine Learning

Engineers build ML-based algorithms to identify data composition and models and divide inabilities and gridlocks in financial actions.

Envision big data for automated analytics

By formulating huge numbers of financial data through images, our fintech software engineers let you analyze, record, and interpret hundreds of metrics interactively.

Peer-to-peer solutions

Lending marketplaces or peer-to-peer lending is one of our main services. We create a secure, strong, defended P2P platform with perfectly designed front-end & back-end modules.

What do we offer?

Develop E-Wallet and Digital Wallet

Create Digital Banking systems

Provide Applications for Personal Finance

Provide Regtech (Regulatory Technology) solutions

Integrate partner services, payment solutions

Develop and review Peer to Peer lendings

Why us?

Our cases cover payment platforms, online trading and exchange platforms, money transaction platforms, bitcoin applications, several eCommerce solutions, and more. We create individual solutions based on microservices. This structure guarantees agile development, simple support, and seamless integration with external services. At KitRUM, we know the significant importance of protection and agreement for the financial industry. We guarantee stable development and protected system performance. Considering our practical knowledge of the FinTech businesses, KitRUM sticks to the most nocturnal protection methods.

If you are searching for a skilled financial software development company with a tested experience over fintech, we are waiting for your message. KitRUM’ developers use the most advanced tech stack across the market, such as blockchain, big data, and digital banking to build upscale fintech solutions.

Where do we locate?

While our teams of developers are located all over the world, and we’re online 24/7, you can physically meet us here.

Tampa Area, Florida, US

South Florida is a place where high tech companies, research institutions and industry organisations are concentrated.

Kharkov, Ukraine

Due to multiple top-level technical universities, Kharkov has a large pool of highly qualified IT talent, estimated at over 10000 IT professionals.

Yokneam High Tech Park, Israel

Israel’s tech ecosystem with nearly 150 different companies involved in R&D and $5-6 billion in technology exports annually.

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