KitRUM develops ground-breaking software solutions for healthcare companies

We apply innovative technologies like VR/AR and artificial intelligence to modify the healthcare market. As a healthcare software developer, KitRUM knows the industry’s requests and is hugely seasoned in winning them. By outsourcing software development to KitRUM, you will get a solid and strong partner that creates and maintains reliable software products.


clients in the Healthcare industry


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Here at KitRUM we

  • Improve interactive checking


    Wearable devices ensure reducing the necessity for real-time supervision with the doctor. Medical software developers can consolidate information from any external hardware into your product.

  • Sketch forecasts with AI


    Artificial Intelligent-built solutions are created to amplify clinician analysis and data study. Healthcare software developers can improve doctors’ diagnostics with machine learning algorithms.

  • Secure vulnerable data


    Healthcare highlights among other businesses due to its significant protection rules. Healthcare software service providers help fulfill all these specifications.

  • Integrate custom solutions


    Healthcare institutions want software development assistance that not just create a solution but integrate it into their ongoing operation system.

What do we offer?

Big Data solutions

Healthcare app development

Electronic Health Record Solutions

Information control solutions for hospitals

VR and AR healthcare software development

Data analytics with machine learning

Why us?

Vendors who are searching for healthcare software developers have a choice to select an in-house team or assign this task to outside experts. The internal development team allows reservation of expertise and experience. However, the problem is obvious – getting qualified developers with industry background is costly and prolonged.

With outsourcing healthcare software development to KitRUM, you gain an expert, certified proactive team at a reasonable price. Our customers love us for our performance perfection, business knowledge, and responsiveness.

Some of the Healthtech projects we’ve done before

software development for healthcare company
custom development for kitrum client

Don’t deferral healthcare software development when hiring software developers. Explain to us your idea and we’ll set your plan and turn it into progress by taking charge for each stage of the project, from the beginning of conception to post-release maintenance.

Where do we locate?

While our teams of developers are located all over the world, and we’re online 24/7, you can physically meet us here.

Tampa Area, Florida, US

South Florida is a place where high tech companies, research institutions and industry organisations are concentrated.

Kharkov, Ukraine

Due to multiple top-level technical universities, Kharkov has a large pool of highly qualified IT talent, estimated at over 10000 IT professionals.

Yokneam High Tech Park, Israel

Israel’s tech ecosystem with nearly 150 different companies involved in R&D and $5-6 billion in technology exports annually.

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