We create powerful software for media and entertainment companies all across the globe

With services like on-request live streaming, music and video apps, digital publishing services, online media platforms & digital media apps, etc, we present strong and secure media and entertainment software development services.

Artificially Intelligent Entertainment Apps

Well-arranged with AI sources, KitRUM supports its media clients with AI-based software apps, which are broadly taken by clients worldwide.

  • Creating entertainment apps

  • Provide AI Software Development for Media & Entertainment

  • Provide custom VR/AR solutions on demand

  • Support media clients with a modernizing of current applications to fix production bugs.

Publishing and Rights Management

KitRUM delivers management software which helps the author have the above guidance, by getting legislation covered.

  • Provide full media and television Rights management service

  • Give safety from violation of copyrights and handle re-publishing issues.

  • Built protection apps to encode content to block deception.

Photo Applications Development

Photo Apps are the biggest trend in the market. KitRUM implements comprehensive photo application development varying from photo editing to photography management solutions.

  • Create photo apps for users

  • Build platform-autonomous photo apps that operate on all Android/ iOS/ wearable devices

Content gathering and processing software

KitRUM creates tools and software that help to control the flood of information.  Tools enabling to immediately identify, separate, maintain and share content with the public.

Here at KitRUM we

Develop and designing applications for media companies with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithmic

Create Media and Entertainment web solutions which can integrate Music, Videos and Live Streaming on a particular interface

Provide custom Virtual Reality/Additional Reality solutions on demand for specific business needs

Why us?

Our developers create adaptive and customized web solutions for huge media corporations and young firms and startups in the US and EU. We have experienced coders that deal with each essential tech stack such as HTML5, Python, C/C++, Ruby and JavaScript (Angular, React, and Vue).
We are an advanced software development partner for media and entertainment businesses. KitRUM qualitative collects dedicated teams that grow into a seamless part of the client teams.

Where do we locate?

While our teams of developers are located all over the world, and we’re online 24/7, you can physically meet us here.

Tampa Area, Florida, US

South Florida is a place where high tech companies, research institutions and industry organisations are concentrated.

Kharkov, Ukraine

Due to multiple top-level technical universities, Kharkov has a large pool of highly qualified IT talent, estimated at over 10000 IT professionals.

Yokneam High Tech Park, Israel

Israel’s tech ecosystem with nearly 150 different companies involved in R&D and $5-6 billion in technology exports annually.

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