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At KitRUM, we use the latest innovative tools to solve all your business issues and challenges. Our team has created a ton of useful products, starting from the pure cloud, different mobile and web applications to enterprise software and other programs. We use high-performance standards, transparent processes and open communication between our teams. That’s why we easily deliver products on time with results, of which we’re proud.

The KitRUM team covers it all from end-to-end, from product roadmap and design through development, QA, maintenance and customer support to extend your infrastructure or systems.

Pre-release activities

To be sure that our product works well, we conduct a large project at the pre-release stage. In this case, our testing activity is carried out in a tightly-controlled manner to create real-time behavior and match the usage of the product by the end-users in the market.

Post-release activities

Post-release is a necessary component after the release of the software product on the client website or when it has gone live. We use it to test the program or app in all possible scenarios and to validate the release of it.

Some of our recently completed software projects

We utilise agile methods and advocate for a lean approach

Agile allows our development teams to move faster, deliver higher quality work, and stay aligned with business stakeholders around customer needs.

Our stack of software development technologies

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