We work tightly with our customers to specify, prototype, and develop user experiences across all devices and flag touchpoints.

For 5 years, we’ve cooperated with all kind of companies from early-stage startups to large enterprises producing best-quality mobile apps, websites, and software.

What do we create?

Products that customers adore to interact with

We implement a physiological approach to customer experience, we design winning digital products used by millions of people. We know that user-focused design is the key.

Enterprise software that doesn’t mess up

We build customer-focused enterprise software that has a smooth sense of the best consumer apps. We’re inspired to enhance the human connection with technology by designing significant products.

Websites that fully express your company

We design and develop top-notch websites. Whether you’re expanding your business, demonstrate your work or opening your store – we’ll help you to do it with beautiful and stylish.


  • Analysis

    • User research outputs
    • UI/UX research report
    • Third-party workshops
    • Project plan
  • Design

    • UI/UX design
    • Brand personality
    • Websites and mobile apps
  • Development

    • React/Angular
    • Backend/API integrations

We create intuitive interfaces that users love


Once the principal analysis stage is finished, we apply received input to create an information architecture for the product or correct the current one to fully meet the customers’ requirements and wishes. It is designed in the structure of a mind map that gives a full picture of the operation and displays links between its parts.

User flow report

User flow is a list of customers operations or system elements that the user interacts with complete the session. We build it in a design-statement form that connects screen layout designs with a flow sheet design.


Wireframes are basically the structural framework of a site or application. They are intended to strengthen the project specifications and set central layouts and UX workflows. They allow us to immediately realize ideas, obtaining a reaction from a third party and end-users.

Interactive prototype

An image is better than hundreds of words. We design interactive prototypes of both the wireframing and visual design. It allows us to recognize gaps in our designs, modify the design from the inside, confirm hypotheses and examination them.

Design specification

We do develop and it’s crucial to ensure that the design is executed as expected. Sometimes developers overlook details, but these tiny differences between the design and performing have a domino effect that may finally significantly change the user experience.

Some of our recent UX/UI projects

Extend your team of UI/UX designers

Here at KitRUM we have only designers with great communication skills in a friendly time-zone who are truly experts in pixel-perfect UI/UX.

Let’s get in touch

If you have a certain project in mind, are feeling lonely, or simply want to get in touch to learn more about KitRUM, please drop us a line below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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