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KITRUM is the Top Software Development Company in Florida. It’s not because every development company writes like this on their websites. It’s about real awards we’ve won that actually built on clients’ reviews. We provide our customers with strong and profitable products that actually help people. As one of the best software companies in Florida, we manage the development cost, build smooth processes and deliver flawless products.

Since 2014 we’ve built dozens of software solutions like custom databases and BI platforms, web/mobile apps, AR/VR tools, and websites with perfect UX. Tech companies in Orlando, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, and other cities built their own remote tech teams with us and will be happy references so you can hear firsthand from your peers on how happy they are. 

With an outsourcing software development company you can: 

  1. Increase Productivity: Imagine how much more productive your operation could be when it has software designed and developed specifically for you and your unique business needs. No more time-consuming workarounds. Just software that’s right for you.
  2. Get an Experienced Partner: Since 2010, KITRUM one of the top USA custom software development companies has been providing solutions to enterprises all over the world, improving efficiency and boosting productivity. We are the solution in your search for top software companies in Florida.
  3. Streamline Processes: We believe good custom software is vital to streamline business operations and help set a high standard in a competition. At INGIC, we not only provide software developments that are designed for a specific business task. But also they have a fully integrated system to save your time and money. With our well-designed software solutions, all of the business functions operate seamlessly and provide the most efficient results. Moreover, you can access every bit of information, numbers, and private documents at any time and can communicate to different levels of business departments, thus, it leads to reducing the time and maximizing output.
  4. Agile Development process: Here at KITRUM we stick to the best agile and scrum practices. 
  5. Cost-effective solution: We know that price is not the biggest reason for companies to decide on outsourcing software development, money is just a nice bonus. The standard rate for a middle software developer is much lower in Ukraine, Poland, or India, than let’s say in the US or UK. However, today companies think of the total cost of ownership.  At some point, it may look like working with cheaper is cheaper however it will end up in paying more for fixes, attitude, etc. The KITRUM advantage: We work with developers worldwide. As far as we have developers all around the globe we can easily adjust the cost for every client.   
  6. Save time: On average finding a Senior level developer takes 3 weeks, +1 week for tech and internal interviews, +1 week for test tasks and onboarding. But if you work with an outsourcing company you get the biggest benefit – time. You can assign all the recruitment tasks, give your own employees room for strategic work allowing tech people to give their hours and power.  Here at KITRUM we do all the preparatory work for getting developers on board, so you can focus on your business. 

KITRUM is The Leading Software Development Company in Florida.

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About Florida’s business ecosystem: 

Business Climate

You can be sure that your business is in the right hands and in the right place when you decided to run a business in Florida. The state’s advantageous tax system and government strategy allow to plan business growth without worrying. In 2020 Florida ranks among the top and safest states for business, because of its business-oriented policies, reasonable cost of the running company, and employing people. 


Florida is one of the few states with the most advantageous location and water, air, land transportation system: international airport, shipping port, broad main roads system and railway chains. All of this allows us to transport whatever it needs to any point in the world. 


More than 20% of the largest US companies have their headquarters in Florida. The state is known as an energetic multinational banking hub. Because of the state’s access to the global markets, this is a place for large storing and distribution activities. 


Florida talent pool comprises more than 180 000 software developers. This surpasses the ambitions of even the most challenging projects. Florida’s labor pipeline is constantly rated as the best in the US. 

Quality of Life

In Florida, it’s easy to keep work-life balance healthy – a sunny and warm climate (237 days a year of sunshine), great recreation systems and affordable cost of living.

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