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Kharkiv is the first capital of Ukraine, a city with over a million people and also the second-biggest tech hub. The city is the heart of educational quality and business innovation and drives around 26% of the whole Ukrainian software development industry nowadays. More than a quarter of a million IT specialists like software developers, app developers, game developers, Big Data engineers, and QAs are working here in 400 software development companies. Kharkiv grows faster every year and keeps the bar high in terms of service and attitude. There are more than 5K Software Development Companies in Kharkiv that is pushing progress over software development and draws tech talents.

Kharkiv is a home for around 80 most distinguished universities, colleges, and institutes, and every year the Kharkiv Higher Education Institutes graduate more than 20,000 students. Kharkiv has the potential of excellent minds and has turned into one of Ukraine’s largest pools of potential employees. Additionally, The Financial Times says, Kharkiv provides the highest business potency in Europe. Kharkiv was the first city in Ukraine in which KITRUM has set up an R&D center. This office allows us to approach one of the largest IT centers in Ukraine. We try to promote the city’s IT part in the world arena and develop the tech mentality within IT conferences and hackathons along with the robust community of IT professionals.

Why is Kharkiv one of the best outsourcing destinations?

  1. Excellent quality of work.
    Programming is an intellectual work, which quality depends both on education and personal traits. When you offer competitive pay rates by the standards of the local market, you can expect that you’ll have a wide choice to find your ideal candidates or dedicated teams.
  2. English language proficiency.
    You can hire a genius, but if you can’t clearly communicate with each other, your beginnings are likely to fail. Most IT professionals from Eastern Europe have good English skills, so the risks connected to communication breakdowns are next to zero.
  3. Acceptable time difference.
    Let’s say, the lag between NY and Kyiv is +7 hours, between NY and Warsaw +6 hours. In addition to this, top outsourcing cities in Eastern Europe have a convenient location and can be reached by plane within 8-10 hours.
  4. Cultural proximity.
    The more cultural traits people have in common, the more successful their communication will be. Dwellers of Eastern Europe have that proactive attitude towards their work, which is essential in today’s world. If you hate micromanaging, countries of this region are definitely the best place to outsource from.
  5. Adequate protection of intellectual property and committed approach to doing business.
  6. Education.
    Kharkiv provides more than 80 high-educational institutions preparing over 20 000 students every year that then become talented developers in various IT outsourcing companies. Today, Kharkiv’ has over 16K IT experts like software developers, QAs, PMs, admin staff.
  7. Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine.
    It has Kharkiv International Airport which has direct flights to most European cities and a few of the US states. Kharkiv has good traffic and belongs to one of the very few cities in Ukraine with a comparatively low level of traffic jams.

Whether you should outsource software development to Kharkiv or not? 

Possibilities provided by the modern cloud tech, different instruments for team management as well as a huge talent pool highlights the necessity of outsourcing software development. You arrange your project, select a partner that has the necessary skills, and make your idea real.

US-based businesses that purpose at cost-cutting are most of the time picking partners from Asia or Europe. We know that the timeframes are always tight so it’s crucial to search in the right location, that perfect fit for your needs, tech requirements, and cultural aspects.

In 2020 in Ukraine, a medium senior software engineer’s salary is $50K, while in Kharkiv median is around $48K. According to Indeed, in 2020 in the US software developers get a median salary of $106K. While junior engineers who just started his/her professional way get $101K, while senior engineers get $118K.

It means the software developer from Kharkiv will come out for 41% cheaper than the same guy in the US. 

— According to Indeed

KITRUM is a Top Software Development Company in Kharkiv

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KITRUM is a Top Software Development Company in Kharkiv

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