Team extension

Are you handling a big job today, and you require a helping hand? Whether your business is growing and going but you need some help to really get where you want to be? Or possibly, you are just merely searching for a brand-new design, and you were overwhelmed by abbreviations like TEM or DDT, and you don’t understand what all this flim flam is all about?

The big benefit of selecting TEM is keeping control over the entire group. Brand-spanking’-new developers are an enhancement to your currently existing group, not the self-reliant group. The other thing is the much better and direct interaction between you, your workers, and TEM. The entire group is similarly associated with the task, and they feel equally accountable for it. That offers to develop a terrific group spirit and excellent team effort.

Team Extension Model (TEM) – model when you employ several developers who have defined, needed abilities to the specific task. In this service, you just make your IT group totally and get accustomed to the job.

extended team

Wait. Why should I employ an extended software development team?

  1. The very best skills hand picked for you
    You can join the employment procedure by personally evaluating and speaking with prospective candidates. Therefore, you can establish whether the developers you work with have the needed expertise and will have the ability to absorb into your core group.
  2. Encouraged and invested developers
    The developers are appointed to your task full-time– they are not required to handle several projects and can focus a hundred percent of their attention on your job. As a result, your extension employees end up being an essential part of your business, aligning with your business culture and vision, and working towards a typical objective.
  3. Openness in handling your resources
    You can deal with your extended development employees as you like. You will not have any with go-betweens aside from you and your developers. You can explain your requirements directly to them and fix any problems that might occur along with the process.
  4. Transparent payment model
    With a TEM, you settle on a repaired regular monthly charge covering the developers’ income, functional expenditures, perks, and so on. That allows you not just to prepare your budget plan even more ahead of time, but also to monitor your costs much more efficiently.
  5. No-hassle preparation and operations
    We take care of all functional jobs and provide your developers with all the necessary skills. In this way, they can carry out their best possible work when you enhance your team with KitRUM. Your developers work from a fully loaded office equipped with everything they need with a sweet and comfy workplace.

We at KitRUM have a colossal performance history structure, effective and scalable extended teams for enterprises and start-ups worldwide. Using our proficiency and direct access to an immense skill scale, we can assist you in establishing your extended team. Also, we can tweak your operations in accordance to your requirements.

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