What’s so special about C++?

C++ is a statically-composed, freestyle, (generally) drawn up, multi-pattern, multiple-use almost universal intermediary programming language.

In other words, C++ is an elaborate, effective and a general language grounded on C. A large number of the present working frameworks, framework drivers, programs and games use C++. It turns out  C++ standout amongst the most famous languages today. Since it is an improved/expanded version of C computer language, C and C++ are often marked C/C++ in concert.

Main features

Cross-platform applications

C/C++ are usually applied for сross-platform applications development. KitRUM software engineers create apps that run on different platforms like IOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc

Perfect for Embedded Systems

Most electronic gadgets and machines are programmed with C, including ATM machines, smart home solutions, automatic locks, etc. This makes C powerful and helpful, particularly for enterprises.

Production speed

C/C++ apps are sharp and fast. They work quickly, delivering your applications more strong. C++ is broadly applied in healthcare and manufacturing applications, visual interface, database software, etc.

Why KitRUM?

We create adaptive and customizable C/C++ platforms for companies and startups. With an exceptional name on the software development market, our C/C++ engineers develop strong and solid multi-platform software. KitRUM cooperates with companies from various industries, like finance and banking, e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, etc. We provide dedicated teams of experienced developers and create strong relationships with partners.

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