C# developement company

For almost 6 years KITRUM has been the leading C# development company that provides skilled specialists who are able to accompany your product from basics analysis to implementation stage and maintenance. While developing your technical solution, we use agile management techniques to maximize produced value and reduce costs. We continue to learn and optimize our work processes to ensure that our clients get the highest product quality.

C# software development language is commonly used for creating websites, applications, games, and SaaS/ PaaS applications. Many well-known and widely used programming languages ​​have been developed on the basis of C, including C ++, Java, PHP, C #, and JavaScript. KITRUM experts will help you to launch your software application regardless of industry, business scale, or type of C# technology you need.

Advantages of C# (C Sharp) Development


C# development, together with .net guarantees forthcoming & cross-functional app


Considerably narrowing the number of code lines demanded data-oriented applications


C Sharp engineers have broad experience in developing database made website


C# is widely used to develop games with the Unity game, which is the most famous game engine nowadays


C# and .NET were designed by Microsoft and are adopted in the enterprise. That means big or B2B businesses


Microsoft won’t allow C# to become out-of-date. It’s massively spent on securing that C# devs are operable in the market

KITRUM C# development service

C# Migration Porting

If your business in need of an upgrade and porting services to port legacy systems to .net, we are pleased to be considered as a contractor. We will bring your software up to date with modern technologies and upgrade its functions.

App Integration

Integration of a ready application is a very complex and delicate process that requires professionalism and experience. With KITRUM C# app interaction services you will get access to data on multiple platforms.

SaaS/PaaS development

If you are SaaS or PaaS provider and would like to hire a third party to create backends, the KITRUM C# team will be pleased to help. Our developers have experience in creating custom solutions, including internal apps, which were inspired by the needs and ideas of your own team.

Mobile Apps Development

With C# development you don’t need to divide iOS, Android, Windows phone development teams. You can create cross-platform mobile applications using one KITRUM C# development team.

Third-Party Customization

You can achieve higher production capability if you decide to upgrade your software components using third-party technologies. Our experts can create custom software elements to upscale existing systems. 

C# Web Development

As more businesses are presenting themselves only in digital form, branded websites or applications are expected to look and perform on a higher level. KITRUM C# web development team can create back ends for your application while cooperating with front-end specialists if needed. 

Software Development on Server-side

Our team has 6 years of expertise in developing server-side applications using C# software technologies and has experience in solving unobvious arising problems. KITRUM experts developed several different server-side software products and they are ready to apply their knowledge to your project. 

Maintenance And Support

KITRUM provides constant communication with your team during the implementation phase to fix arising bugs and adjust the code to your internal business processes.

What’s so special about C#?

C# (C sharp) is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language covering strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, operational, common, object-oriented, and component-oriented programming disciplines. C# was created in 2000 within its .NET scheme and afterward accepted as a standard by Ecma and ISO. C# is one of the programming languages developed for the Common Language Infrastructure.