Ruby on Rails Development Service

As a Ruby on Rails development company we provide different solutions:

  • E-Commerce Websites
    Some of the top e-commerce platforms like ETSY, Brandless, etc are using ROR. The reason for using Ruby on Rails for an e-commerce website is its variety of plugins and frameworks. Also, ROR is very user-friendly with easy to use customer management systems.
  • Social Networking Sites
    Ruby on Rails offers dozens of plugins related to social networking and membership, which makes it a great choice for subscription, social networking, and membership web apps. 
  • Custom Website Portals
    Ruby on Rails ensures high performance and security of web apps, this makes ROR the best choice for custom portals with text, audio, or video content.
  • Software as a Service Websites
    Complex SAAS systems can be efficiently built with Ruby on Rails because of its provided benefits. There are many cloud-based web services built with ROR and Zendesk is one of the examples. We provide the best services for the development of complex ERP, HRM, CRM, etc systems by using ROR services.
  • Model View Controller (MVC) Based Architecture
    When designing a web app architecture Ruby on Rails development is preferred and one of the main reasons is its MVC architecture. MVC divides the app into three layers that are Model, View, and Controller. Without going into deep technicalities, the use of ROR for website development improves the overall maintainability and helps in assuring quality assurance.

What’s so special about Ruby?

Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Ruby is dynamically typed and garbage-collected. It supports multiple programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming.

For RoR development we apply open source software solutions, our own system of ready-to-use tools, and an Agile method that enhances our company’s potency. This approach we apply to quicken the engineering process and decrease expenses. Also Ruby on Rails is a technology for agile product development.

Main features: Ruby was dependent upon Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. This language has a concise and adaptable syntax that reduces syntactic interference and serves as a base for domain-specific languages.

Fast Coding

KiTRUM presents your applications with Ruby fast. Ruby could create code rapidly and change it during the performance. This can accelerate apps and clarify the development method.


Ruby is a flexible language opposed to Java (for example). The programming language has a simple syntax. With Ruby, you can resume any class, change a method, and apply that way at runtime.


Ruby is a flexible language opposed to Java (for example). The programming language has a simple syntax. With Ruby, you can resume any class, change a method and apply that way at runtime.


Fast Development and Cost-Effective

Delivering the project on time is one of the keys to client satisfaction, development practices and chosen language plays a critical role in this aspect. Ruby or Rail development is a master when it comes to fast development because of its MVC structure and a lot of ready-to-use plugins available in the market.

The main concern of companies mostly startups is the cost of the website development. As a Ruby on Rails development company, we provide minimum costs for web app development. Ruby on Rails is an open-source language that is available free of cost for everyone. And as mentioned there are a lot of free plugins available that help the developer by saving their time and hence the cost.

Security and Performance

In today’s world, the major concern of every individual and company is their privacy. Ruby on Rails development ensures the safety of the website by having some built-in security measures. Moreover, there are a lot of gems (plugins) available that can be used for enhanced security.

Time is money, the load speed of the website plays a key role in keeping a user interested in your website. If the website is slow then the visitor might lose interest and switch to another website. As a ROR development company, we provide the best web development services for great website performance.

Experienced Ruby developers

In KITRUM we onboard and instruct only experts with 2+ years of experience in Ruby on Rails. This rule makes sure that we’ll always deliver superior products for customers.

“All our requirements were taken into account and everything was done in the best possible way.”

— CEO at Key Studio

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