Turnkey Software Development

We elaborate on your project requirements and deliver a minimum viable product or completed project in a predefined time, budget, and team structure for your next cool idea. We explain turnkey software as a ‘boxed’ solution. A turnkey solution is plug-and-play and can be smoothly applied to existing business processes right away. These solutions perfectly address particular needs or demands and focus on specific industries or businesses. 

The turnkey software solution boosts the company’s performance and allows them to free up resources for investment in sustainable development. Additionally, turnkey software can decrease the entire project time, build more effective workflows, and provide continuous support. Based on our own experience, this approach is a perfect fit for companies that fall into one of the following categories: 

Restricted budget

The price of building full-fledged software with the help of a dedicated team is a reason why some companies avoid choosing this option. Turnkey solutions are less costly and can be implemented quicker

You’re building MVP

Let’s say you have the idea for an innovative product in your mind. You’ve already wowed investors with your prototype and now you need a full-flagged MVP. A turnkey custom solution is the best method for building a product from scratch quickly and smartly. Developing an MVP means creating a product with a minimum kit of features and then improving according to users’ feedback.

Not enough tech expertise

Some businesses and even big enterprises don’t have a software development team, and hence, lack the necessary expertise in building such products. In this case, it makes sense to outsource the process fully to your software development partner

On the client-side, the turnkey development approach seems quite simple. However, it requires material resources and a widely experienced team to provide a powerful turnkey development solution. Here at KitRUM, we thoroughly understand the software development process and have technology experience in building turnkey solutions for more than 40 clients. Our skills ensure that with us you’ll launch your software in the shortest time.

Do you think that turnkey custom development is a perfect fit for you?