They’ve allowed us to complete projects that we couldn’t have otherwise due to limited resources.

Tor Ivar JohansenCTO, Appresso

Project overview

We got the client which is a development company with a passion for scalable web applications built on top of Python/Django. They create and manage complete, adjustable web applications for a broad variety of industries. Our client produces customer software for Edtech, Marketing, FinTech providing strong and reliable solutions.

The client had a great rush in projects and wanted to immediately scale up the coders’ department. They had trouble with finding developers locally, and also it was pretty costly and time-consuming. To simplify the process they choose us as an outsourcing partner.  As far as the task was extended the size of the team has grown quickly and also the partner been able to downscale the team when projects were in the hold.


KitRUM has presented engineers to expand different web application development projects. Moreover, to evaluating each CV before actually onboarding guys, customers have the opportunity of examining developers.

KitRUM boasts a diverse pool of resources with a large range of technical skills. Although each individual’s CV could be more specific about their capabilities, the testing and onboarding process has allowed internal stakeholders to quickly scale the development team as needed. KitRUM provides the partner with developers who have different skills from JavaScript to Python.

One of the projects we worked on was a web application for photo editing. There was a team of 2 Java developers and 1 JS engineer. We completed the project just in time and the whole workflow with the client was really impressive.

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