Front end development of the core platform


I’m very impressed by how quickly they’re able to provide additional resources. Their experience is their greatest power. They hire skilled developers, and they can scale the team to maintain our scope of work.

Valtteri Halla
CTO & Co-Founder, Codescoop

Project overview

Our partner is an IT startup that develops software tools for clients from multiple industries. They additionally implement artificial intelligence and machine-learning solutions. The client wanted to quickly scale up an experienced software development team ideally in the identical time zone.

On the project we operated in an agile methodology, managed in Jira to follow the plan and GitHub to receive data. Almost the whole of our connection was through Slack and sometimes we use Hangout for quick calls. It’s been the most smooth and flawless partnership I’ve ever had with an outsourcing company.


KitRUM builds a center platform for both mobile and web-based tools. We’re using a compound of JavaScript, React, and cloud-based technology to develop a responsive frontend. We’ve combined various opensource frames, MySQL databases, NoSQL databases, and Reddit databases into the backend. Some of KitRUM guys are handle our API and DevOps automation process.

We have delivered a high standard and secure code that fits all demands. The team actually proceeds with an agile methodology, delivering systematically and operating swiftly to reach deadlines.

Helsinki, Finland
Software development
Collaboration period

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