8 Ukrainian Startups That We Are Proud Of  

April 18th, 2022

Evgenia Kuzmenko KITRUM Brand ManagerEvgenia Kuzmenko

For the last 10 years, Ukraine has become one of the countries with the most talented and highly sought developers. Many Ukrainian startups, such as Grammarly, PetCube, Preply, Reface are among the most known and widely used all over the world. Sadly today we read about this country in horrifying headlines on the news, describing the war happening on its territory. 

But Ukrainians continue to take over the world with their talent and devoted work. There are many startups, in the business sector, helping companies to grow and employees to become more effective, real estate sales, digital fashion, and even human augmentation, that continue to change the way we work and live. 

A lot of international major companies have already benefited from using the Ukrainian product. Zoom, IBM, NASA, and many more are among the clients of those startups. Even Google has a partnership with one of them. 

Today we will tell you about Ukrainian developments in different areas that you can find interesting even for yourself. 

IT market


Gitlab is a platform for remote work on code. It is a web application and code repository management system for Git founded in 2011 by a Ukrainian developer. 

GitLab offers a solution for storing code and collaborating on large software projects. It helps teams plan, build, secure, and deploy software. The repository includes a version control system for hosting various development chains and branches, allowing developers to check the code and roll back to a stable version of the software in case of unforeseen problems.

Now it has about 30 million estimated registered users and more than 1 million active license users and has an active community of more than 2,500 contributors. Among GitLab clients are Goldman Sachs, Siemens, Nvidia, Ticketmaster, UBS, IBM, Alibaba Group, NASA, Sony, and others.

Medical sphere 

Esper Bionics

Esper Bionics produces the bionic arms that people need after amputation. The main difference between the prosthesis and Esper Bionics is its intuitive control technology. The main market for the product is the United States, but in the future, the company plans to work with European countries.

The founders claim that their aim is not to be a prosthetic company, but a company of human augmentation, improving people and their abilities. 

In the future, Esper Bionics is preparing to develop other projects that will be related to orthopedics. Another, more global goal of the company is to develop sensor implants that can work as tools for obtaining medical indicators and even prevent disease.



Startup DressX is engaged in the creation of digital clothing. It was founded in 2020 in the United States by two Ukrainians – Darina Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova. In 2021, the startup received an investment of two million. By the end of the year, DressX together with Google had developed the first collection of virtual clothing Pixel 6 Material. 

DressX produces and sells only digital clothes. You can get it by uploading your photo to the project website. After that, the company’s designers will analyze the photo and “put on” the desired item of clothing, making sure that it fits the client. The ready product can be obtained within 1-2 days. On the platform, you may find pieces created by emerging and well-known designers. 

The company is confident that its products will be in demand in today’s world of online work and distance learning, and will be bought by people who want to look good during virtual meetings. As well as the project will benefit digital influencers allowing them to buy digital clothes for their content instead of the real ones. This, in turn, has an impact on more sustainable consumption and ecology, reducing the waste after the clothes are utilized. 



Rallyware was founded in 2012 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by two Ukrainians with the core idea of automating and scaling the engagement of distributed groups through technology.

It’s an online platform to increase the productivity and efficiency of remote and distributed work. By analyzing each employee’s performance data in real-time and identifying gaps in their knowledge and skills, Rallyware offers personalized ways to improve productivity through timely training and work activity. 

Over 50 companies in 60 countries are using the Rallyware platform. Samsung, New Avon, Nu Skin, and Recruit are among them. is a product company with offices in Kyiv and San Francisco, working in the ‘AI for sales’ niche. is a service that collects and analyzes data generated by sales managers to give them recommendations and, ultimately, close deals faster and more efficiently.

For example, software can record and analyze employee calendars and phone calls, helping companies determine, for example, the best number of customers for a single manager.

Red Hat, Lyft, Zoom, Dropbox, Zendesk, New Relic, and Splunk are among the clients of  

IntelSoft Technologies

The idea of ​​IntelSoft Technologies is to develop solutions for automating predictive analytics. The service helps businesses better understand and predict internal processes, customer behavior, and external factors. For example, for banks it can predict the non-fulfillment of credit commitments, for manufacturing it can count the percentage of product shortages, in sales, it can foresee the level of sales and the probability of outflow of customers.

The startup was founded in late 2018 and immediately became profitable. In 2019 it started working in Ukraine and abroad. Among the company’s clients are the World Bank and the international banking group BNP Paribas. The company also works with the public sector, such as the Ministry of Social Policy in Ukraine. IntelSoft helps identify fraudsters among people who apply for social assistance and shows an accuracy of over 90%.

Real estate 


Founded in 2018, the startup Propertymate aims to help real estate agents in the United States conduct transactions with buyers faster and more efficiently. In essence, it is an online platform that helps buyers find all the information about new buildings, while artificial intelligence helps to analyze customer data and predict what they are most interested in.

The initial focus was on real estate agents who needed access to information about all new buildings in their region. But as the number of partnerships with agents increased, more and more became interested in direct communication with buyers. Therefore, the project began to provide service to both agents and real estate buyers.


Unicorn Nest

Previously, the Unicorn Nest project only helped startups find investors using artificial intelligence algorithms. Since 2019 it also contains a database of venture funds for public use with more than 500,000 data units about more than 26,000 funds in the world and 30,000 employees who make investment decisions. 

Data on investors and funds are available as a common file. To get it, startups need to log in and fill out a short form, after which users can download the table for free, sharing a link to Unicorn Nest on social networks] or pay $ 5. including investor relations management, a system of recommendations for fundraising based on artificial intelligence and market entry.

Investor profiles on the company’s website are updated weekly, and the database itself is updated quarterly. 

That’s a wrap

Ukrainians create startups in many different fields, following global trends. The ideas they elaborate maintain businesses, renovating the medical sphere, and make the world more sustainable. Global companies have already implemented and worked with many Ukrainian startups. Some of them, such as Revolut, Depositphotos, Ajax Systems are taking first place among the competitors in the same field worldwide. The Ukrainian input into the technical progress of the society is huge and hopefully, regardless of the terrible events that shook the country and the whole world, the IT community in Ukraine will continue to grow and present many more valuable ideas and developments.