Big Data Software Development & Analytics Services

Uncover robust analytics solutions by diving into data and turn actionable insight into income

Your business keeps tons of dark data — untouched info about operations, related devices, cat videos, different sources. How many details are concealed there? With big data technology, KitRUM creates complete products for Media, Fintech, Healthcare, and other market leaders. Our big data developers create data science software, analytics services, cloud-based big data solutions, ML solutions, etc. We will customize your project with the perfect match developers and tech stack.

Big Data is a powerful solution for:

  • making data-driven decisions to speed up the adoption of innovation
  • boosting intelligent solutions
  • analyzing customers’ behavior to increase revenue
  • building a stable flow of insights

Want to build BDaaS? Need to configure the current BI platform? 

Our Services & Solutions

Scientific and Forecast Analytics

Discover and use patterns included in data to identify risks and capabilities.Your business can forecast inventory requirements, control transportation schedules, forecast the number of deals and so on. 

Ready-Made BI Platform

Your business can have a custom BI Platform to visualize supply modifications in time, predict sales and income, investigate the outcomes of promo campaigns, automate reporting, find out new insights from data with Natural language processing (NLP).

BI Development

With our BI System solutions your company will see what influence on processes and how  to improve the workflow.

Big Data as a Service (BDaas)

Manage and evaluate huge data, better than hiring in-house workers for those tasks. Big data as a service can be software for data processing or an agreement with a team of data scientists.

Machine learning for big data

Machine learning support companies analyze larger, more complicated data to reveal unseen patterns, expose market trends, and detect buyers preferences for right results.

We work with Apache Spark and Hadoop and AWS cloud computing. Our big data engineers also have experience with Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Spark, Apache Sqoop, Big Query, Geb, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Hibernate.