Banking and Financial

E-banking and blockchain solution, online trading and exchange platforms for fintech companies

Our specialists fully take over the development process, while your staff is focusing on business functions.

KitRUM has been helping fintech providers, financial data vendors, loan associations, brokerage firms, and banks to implement ideas and protect products. We begin with signing an NDA and doing a free trial project or offer an estimation base. We rump up a team within 1 week and can scale it up at any time.

KitRUM develops software products focusing on security, compliance, and regulations for financial technology companies. We help Fintech enterprises enhance their software architectures and scale operations.


Security and regulatory compliance

KitRUM guarantees secure development. We build financial solutions that are GDPR compliant and address other financial regulations like SOX, Basel II, PCI DSS, and more.


Strong reliability

We apply reliability analysis, grown-up engineering techniques, and design patterns. We make sure that the system is operational 24/7.


Perfect-pixel UI

Our UX designers explore user behavior, create mockups, and build impressive UI for web, mobile, or desktop applications.


Extensive integrations

We provide smooth integration for third-party payment platforms, loan origination systems, accounting software. Also, we implement a Third-party API Layer for easy switching/adding third-party providers.

We have wide expertise in a building:

  • CRM for banks and financial organizations
  • Internet and mobile banking solutions
  • Document management and automation
  • Agile analytics for trading
  • Crowdfunding portals
  • Fraud detection solutions
  • PSD2-compliant APIs
  • Active API monitoring and reporting

Want to build new fintech product?

Drop us a line to get advice from one of our experienced devs.