AI & Machine Learning Development Services

AI, machine learning, and neural networks for self-taught enterprise solutions

At KITRUM we use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for real-time data science, digital security, cybersecurity systems. We build self-taught software for Financial, Information, and Healthcare institutions. Also, we provide machine learning systems that analyze big data in Agriculture and Media industries.

We can help you to collect and analyze value from large amounts of data and improve productivity. Self-taught systems scan unstructured records easier, recognize user activities, and automate the most long-running tasks.

How we can help you

  • Neural networks
  • Self-taught systems
  • AI algorithms
  • Natural language processing tools
  • Real-time data science
  • Computer vision systems
  • AI-driven media workflow automation

Need an advice on Machine Learning-related project?


R&D expertise

Our experienced R&D experts involve in each machine learning and AI project, to draw up the way from idea to the product, assess its viability, and select the most suitable tech stack and best developers.

Multi-domain skills

Every developer in our ML/AI team has earned experience implementing their skills in a range of industries, from Healthcare to Fintech, Dozen of projects that improve their out-of-box thinking and ability to handle extraordinary tasks.

Tailor-made solutions

We form and shape every element of the process according to your needs and opportunities. With this approach, we build a solution that addresses personal pain points.